Nolinor Implements Major Salary Increase For its 737 Captains

A Nolinor Aviation flight crew on a Boeing 737.
Photo Credit: Nolinor Aviation

Nolinor has announced a major revision of the salary grid for its Boeing 737 Captains. Offering a substantial salary increase, the scheme seeks to acknowledge and retain skilled talent.

The initiative comes amid an industry shortage of pilots, compounded by regulatory challenges and the after-effects of the pandemic.

Enhanced Compensation Packages

Addressing a pressing industry need, Nolinor Aviation introduces a strategic initiative to attract and retain top piloting talent.

Nolinor acknowledges the vital role its pilots play in maintaining renowned service quality. Accordingly, the company has implemented a significant revision to its Boeing 737 Captain salary structure.

The new pay scale boasts a 25% to 40% salary increase, with new Boeing 737 Captains starting at an attractive $175,000. The new scheme offers the potential to progress beyond $250,000 at the highest level.

This investment in employee well-being is further complemented by an increase in rest days. The move seeks to find a balance of optimal working conditions.

A Nolinor Boeing 737-400 parked in front of the hangar.
Photo Credit: CNW Group/Nolinor Aviation

A Leader in Pilot Development

Nolinor Aviation President Marco Prud’Homme emphasizes the significance of this decision, highlighting the exceptional skills and dedication of their pilots.

“Their ability to operate in challenging environments, from gravel runways to frozen lakes, demands recognition that reflects their expertise.”

“This salary review is an investment in our most valuable asset, and it showcases our unwavering commitment to remaining the top choice for talented aviators.”

Standing Out from the Competition

Nolinor’s compensation strategy surpasses those of its Northern Canadian competitors and remains highly competitive nationally.

Through this program, Nolinor Aviation attracts and retains top talent in the industry, ensuring a future generation of highly skilled pilots.

This essentially goes hand-in-hand with Nolinor’s unique “Become a Pilot” training program. The established initiative fosters a pipeline of qualified aviators and guarantees high level service for Nolinor’s clientele.

Nolinor prioritizes continuous training and development for its pilots, solidifying their position as an unmatched team of experts.

These measures exemplify Nolinor’s dedication to fostering a work environment that champions excellence and a passion for aviation.

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Jean-Philippe Richard (CNW Group/Nolinor Aviation)

Specialized Air Transport

The carrier’s bold initiative reaffirms its position as a leader in specialized air transport. The company actively confronts market challenges while making a significant contribution to Northern Canada’s economic growth.

Nolinor proudly positions itself as a top employer, welcoming passionate aviation professionals eager to join their exceptional team.

Founded in 1992, Nolinor Aviation remains Canada’s largest airline carrier specializing in commercial charter flights.

The operator has carved a niche for itself as Canada’s leading provider of specialized commercial charter flights.

With its headquarters in Mirabel, Quebec, Nolinor boasts a long-standing reputation for excellence in aviation services, particularly within the demanding landscapes of Northern Canada.

It provides air services to all regions of Québec and throughout Canada, the United States, and numerous other global destinations, including remote areas where gravel and ice runways are common.

The company prides itself on its skilled and dedicated pilots, who are typically called to navigate challenging operating environments.

It has been honored on three separate occasions by the annual National Bank SME Awards, highlighting its strong performance and management expertise.

Nolinor offers both passenger and cargo charter services, catering to diverse needs within Canada and extending to the United States. Their commitment to innovation and pilot development ensures they remain at the forefront of the specialized air transport industry.

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