NetJets signs record deal for 1,500 Cessna Citation aircraft

The Cessna Citation Ascend in flight.
Photo Credit: Textron Aviation

On the 20th of September, NetJets and Textron announced to the aviation community the inking of a purchase agreement for 1,500 Cessna Citation business jets. This bulk purchase will unfold over the next 15 years. 

This new round of purchases will grow NetJet’s fleet of existing modern jets agreement, which also has a options clause allowing for an increase in the number of aircraft orders per year. This permits the company to take such large orders witnessed on the 20th of September. 

The aircraft types which the Textron orders include are the Cessna Citation Ascend, Citation Latitude, and Citation Longitude. All of these jets are highly capable. 

Cessna Citation Ascend 

The Citation Ascend was recently announced by Textron Aviation as their latest fleet in its portfolio. NetJets has been proudly named as the launch customer for Citation Ascend. 

The Citation Ascend variant is planned for delivery in 2025. Currently, the aircraft is in the development stage, and NetJets will officially become the launch customer for the variant.

Ron Draper, President and CEO, Textron Aviation said: “Expanding and adding the Citation Ascend to the NetJets fleet will provide its global customers with even more versatility and flexibility to accomplish their missions, building upon the exceptional performance and popularity of the Latitude and Longitude.”


He added: “NetJets customers around the world continually select Citations as their aircraft of choice. We’re honored to be the largest provider of industry-leading aircraft to NetJets and look forward to continuing to work together to design and deliver the best aviation experience based on customer feedback.” 

Textron and NetJets

The relationship between NetJets and Textron dates back more than 4 decades. Until today, Netjets has welcomed more than 800 business jets from Textron Aviation, and also has a clause with more than 300 options for Citation Latitudes and Longitudes during the past eight years. 

With NetJets placing such huge orders and operating aircraft primarily from Textron Aviation, this proves that their aircraft is reliable and class-leading. 

Photos: Cessna Citation Ascend. Credit: Textron Aviation

An All-Textron Fan 

Throughout the years of its operations, the charter company has owned and operated class-leading business jets from Textron Aviation, including Citation SII, V, Excel/XLS, Sovereign, X, Latitude, and Longitude models. 

Doug Henneberry, NetJets Executive Vice President, Aircraft Asset Management said: “As a long-time, trusted ally who shares our commitment to safety and service, Textron Aviation is the ideal partner to help us expand our offerings to NetJets Owners with the introduction of the new Ascend to our midsize jet class, as well as by growing our overall fleet.” 

He added: “Based on past demand for the popular Citation Latitude and Longitude, the new Ascend and all our new Citations will undoubtedly be well received by our Owners, particularly those who depend on NetJets to help them do more and miss less.”

Why do Citations Top the Market?  

The Citations produced by Textron are known in the corporate aviation world for their reliability, ruggedness, efficiency, and comfort with their advanced technology and class-leading design and capabilities. 

In 1972 Textron delivered its first-ever Citation. Since then the aircraft portfolio has steadily grown and is now the standard setter in the business aviation world.

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