MightyFly unveils third generation Cento eVTOL

The MightyFly 2024 Cento eVTOL aircraft
Photo Credit: MightyFly

MightyFly has recently unveiled the third generation of the Cento aircraft, an autonomous hybrid eVTOL cargo aircraft designed to carry one hundred pounds of cargo for six hundred miles.

The company also announced that the 2024 Cento has received the FAA’s Special Airworthiness Certificate and the FAA’s Certificate of Authorization (COA) for an air corridor between Byron and New Jerusalem airports.

In an event at their headquarters in San Leandro CA last week, MightyFly revealed the third generation of their Cento aircraft, heralding a new era in expedited logistics.

Designed as an autonomous hybrid electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) cargo aircraft, the 2024 Cento boasts impressive capabilities, set to redefine industries and transform life in rural and remote areas.

Photo Credits: MightyFly

“We are very excited to show everyone the tremendous work and ingenuity performed by the MightyFly team throughout the last year, and to unveil the 2024 Cento that couples innovation with efficiency in design, maintenance, and operation, bringing to the world the key to transform the expedited logistics market,” said Manal Habib, co-founder and CEO of MightyFly.


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MightyFly’s new eVTOL will revolutionize industries such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare, and will transform life in rural and remote areas.

“All of us at MightyFly are extremely excited to be working at the forefront of a new era of automation and innovation.”

Features of the 2024 Cento eVTOL

Sleek Design for Operational Efficiency

The Cento eVTOL features a sleek design aimed at maximizing operational efficiency. Its aerodynamic bi-wing design enables a large trim of the aircraft center of lift, ensuring stability and precision during flight.

Structural Conductors for Enhanced Reliability

Utilizing structural conductors, MightyFly has increased the reliability of the Cento while simultaneously reducing its weight. This innovation contributes to the aircraft’s overall performance and longevity.

Composite Structure for Optimal Payload Capacity

By employing a composite structure, MightyFly has significantly reduced the empty weight of the Cento, thereby increasing its payload capacity.

This enhancement enables the transportation of larger packages and goods over longer distances.

Modular Design for Streamlined Maintenance

The Cento features a modular design that facilitates efficient maintenance procedures. This design optimization minimizes downtime, ensuring maximum operational availability for customers.

Canard Landing Gear for Reduced Drag

In a strategic design choice, MightyFly has integrated the canard as landing gear, effectively lowering drag and enhancing overall aerodynamic efficiency.

This aerodynamic feature contributes to improved fuel efficiency and extended flight range for the aircraft.

Autonomous Load Mastering System (ALMS)

Central to the Cento’s capabilities is MightyFly’s Autonomous Load Mastering System (ALMS). This advanced component empowers the aircraft to autonomously manage various cargo-related tasks, including:

  • Opening and closing the cargo bay door
  • Receiving and ejecting packages
  • Moving and securing packages within the cargo bay
  • Sensing and computing weight and balance

Partnership with Agility Prime and Air Mobility Command

MightyFly is collaborating with Agility Prime and Air Mobility Command to develop and implement the ALMS feature, addressing the U.S. Air Force’s critical autonomous aerial logistics requirements.

This partnership underscores the Cento’s versatility and adaptability for diverse operational scenarios.

Market Differentiation and Utility

The Cento’s ability to accommodate a wide range of payloads’ center of gravity sets it apart in the market. This versatility allows for the transportation of various cargo types, making the Cento an invaluable asset across industries such as logistics and manufacturing.

The aircraft has broader applications across further sectors including healthcare and pharmaceutical, retail, automotive and the oil and gas industry.

Additionally, the Cento will potentially serves essential roles in humanitarian and disaster relief efforts, as well as government defense missions.

Future Milestones and Demonstrations

Following the conclusion of production in early January 2024, MightyFly is gearing up for a series of qualification tests, scheduled to commence in February.

In the fall of 2024, the company plans to conduct public demonstrations of autonomous cargo aircraft delivery flights in Michigan, showcasing point-to-point delivery use cases.

Furthermore, MightyFly will also demonstrate its autonomous loading, unloading, and balancing capabilities to the U.S. Air Force in early 2025, alongside additional Proof of Concept (POC) programs.

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