Luxwing takes delivery of its first DHC 8-400

A Luxwing DHC 8-400 parked in front of the hangar.
Photo Credit: Luxwing/Airbourne Colours

Aergo Capital Limited has successfully completed the delivery of a single DHC 8-400 aircraft, manufacturer serial number 4088, to Luxwing.

The recent aircraft delivery signifies the commencement of a two-aircraft deal with Luxwing, both scheduled for delivery within the current year.

Luxwing – Aergo collaboration

Fred Browne, Chief Executive Officer of Aergo, was enthusiastic about the recent accomplishment, stating, “We are absolutely delighted to unveil the successful delivery of a DHC-8-400 aircraft to Luxwing.”

“Our sincere appreciation extends to every individual who played a role in finalizing this transaction. This milestone marks the integration of Luxwing into our esteemed lessee portfolio, and we eagerly anticipate a prosperous and enduring partnership.”

Luxwing’s Chief Executive Officer, Capt. Giuseppe Sapia, provided his own insights on the occasion. He underscored the significance of these two Dash 8-Q400 aircraft joining Luxwing’s existing fleet,

“With the addition of these two Dash 8-Q400 aircraft to its fleet, Luxwing expands its aircraft offerings, which have been primarily characterized, until now, by executive aircraft, thus becoming a key player in the Mediterranean region in the “charter on demand” and ACMI segments,” Sapia said.

This strategic expansion positions Luxwing as a prominent contender within the Mediterranean region’s aviation landscape, particularly in the dynamic spheres of “charter on demand” and ACMI services (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance).

Second delivery in September

The finalization of the two aircraft deal followed a close collaboration with Aergo Capital.

Capt. Sapia expressed his admiration for the Aergo Capital team, singling out individuals such as Ally, Mike, Niamh, and Frank for their exceptional professionalism, straightforward approach, pragmatic problem-solving, and solution-driven mindset.

This close collaboration spanned the entirety of the project’s lifecycle, from its inception to the culminating delivery of the inaugural aircraft.

In a united front, both Luxwing and Aergo Capital are resolute in their commitment to continue this partnership. As evidence of this commitment, they have already set their sights on the second aircraft’s imminent delivery, scheduled to augment Luxwing’s fleet in September 2023.

The anticipation of this forthcoming addition is palpable, as it promises to further enhance Luxwing’s offerings and satisfy the discerning needs of their clientele.

About Luxwing

Luxwing is a private jet charter company that was founded in 2016. The company is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and has a fleet of over 30 aircraft. The operator offers a variety of private jet charter services, including:

On-demand charters: Luxwing can arrange a private jet charter for you on short notice, anywhere in the world.

Empty leg charters: If you are willing to fly on a private jet that is already en route to your destination, you can save a significant amount of money on your charter.

Fractional ownership: Luxwing offers fractional ownership programs that allow you to own a share of a private jet. This is a great option if you only need to use a private jet occasionally.

Jet card programs: The operator offers jet card programs that allow you to book private jet charters at a discounted rate.

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