Lilium Jet appoints authorized Middle East dealership

Render of an eVTOL Lilium Jet over Dubai.
Image Credit: Lilium Jet
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Lilium N.V. (NASDAQ: LILM), developer of the first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet, has appointed an authorized sales dealership in the Middle East.

The company recently signed an agreement with ArcosJet DMCC, a prominent Dubai-based leader in business aircraft brokerage.

This agreement designates ArcosJet as the exclusive authorized dealer for private sales of the Lilium Jet in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel, and the Republic of Cyprus.

The move in the Middle East market follows in the wake of recent news that Lilium opened private sales of its eVTOL jets in the U.S. market, in partnership with EMCJET, a full-service aircraft brokerage and management company.

A Landmark Agreement

Lilium and ArcosJet have sealed a game-changing agreement that paves the way for the introduction of the Lilium Jet in the Middle East.

The agreement encompasses a commitment fee payment to Lilium, effectively granting ArcosJet exclusivity on private sales of the innovative eVTOL aircraft.


This partnership marks a significant milestone as it establishes ArcosJet as Lilium’s first reseller in the Middle East and its fifth dealer globally.

Image Credit: Lilium Jet

A New Era in Sustainable Aviation

ArcosJet and Lilium share a common vision for the future of air travel. Mikhail Alenkin, the Founder and CEO of ArcosJet, expressed his backing for Lilium’s mission, particularly in the emerging eVTOL market.

He sees immense potential for jet-powered aircraft in this region and is excited about the prospects.

Alenkin commented, “We are sure that combining our experience in selling conventional aircraft with the economic and sociodemographic characteristics of UAE, Israel, and the Republic of Cyprus can result in the region becoming a leader in the sales and operation of the revolutionary Lilium Jet.”

Sebastien Borel, Chief Commercial Officer at Lilium, highlighted the Middle East’s tremendous potential for eVTOLs and the pride in having a reliable and experienced partner to sell and operate the Lilium Jet in the region.

 ArcosJet’s impressive portfolio of successful deals, extensive knowledge within aircraft fleet management, and a vast network of industry connections position them as a valuable partner in driving firm orders for the eVTOL jet.

Borel stated, “A new era of sustainable aviation is coming, and we are proud to be blazing the trail here alongside our new partners who support our aspirations toward new technologies and markets.”

The Lilium Jet: A Game Changer

The Lilium Jet is nothing short of a game-changing aircraft. It is an all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet that has been meticulously designed to offer remarkable features:

The eVTOL Jet boasts leading capacity, making it an ideal choice for both individual and corporate travelers.

This innovative aircraft also offers a low noise profile, minimizing noise pollution and contributing to a more peaceful environment.

With its high-performance capabilities, the Lilium Jet ensures swift and efficient travel. One of the standout features of this eVTOL jet is its zero operating emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

The Lilium Jet has been purpose-built for regional connectivity, making it a versatile and practical choice for a wide range of travel needs.

The Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet

The Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet is the first planned model of the Lilium Jet. It is designed to comfortably seat four passengers, offering an estimated non-stop flight range of 175 kilometers and a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour.

The aircraft’s first manned flight for the type-conforming model is scheduled for late 2024, with type certification expected in late 2025 and deliveries set to begin in 2026.

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