Lilium and Philjets to bring eVTOLs to Southeast Asia

A Lilium eVTOL jet over Manila
Image Credit: Lilium

In an announcement at the Singapore Airshow, Lilium, the developer of the first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet, and PhilJets, a prominent aviation provider in the ASEAN region, have unveiled a strategic collaboration poised to revolutionize regional air mobility.

The regional partnership aims to establish high-speed regional air mobility in Southeast Asia, with PhilJets intending to operate 10 Lilium eVTOL jet aircraft.

Lilium and PhilJets MoU

The cornerstone of this collaboration is the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Lilium and PhilJets. This agreement signifies a mutual commitment to reshape air transportation in Southeast Asia.

As part of the MoU, PhilJets expresses its intent to purchase 10 Lilium Jets, underlining the confidence in Lilium’s cutting-edge technology and its potential to meet the evolving demands of the aviation industry.

Beyond the aircraft acquisition, the partnership entails a strategic collaboration to establish an extensive eVTOL operation network across the Philippines and neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia.

This collaborative effort will involve the joint delineation of routes, identification of passenger demand, and development of on-demand eVTOL services tailored to regional needs.


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Tailoring to the Philippine Market

The Lilium Jet’s design is eminently suited to the unique transportation challenges encountered in the Philippines, characterized by its archipelagic geography comprising over 7,500 islands.

The eVTOL technology promises to offer efficient connectivity, overcoming traditional constraints posed by vast stretches of water.

Moreover, the collaboration between Lilium and PhilJets underscores the broader applicability of eVTOL services for island nations worldwide.

By leveraging Lilium’s innovative approach to regional air mobility, countries facing similar geographical constraints can unlock new avenues for sustainable transportation.

PhilJets: Expertise in the ASEAN Market

PhilJets boasts a diverse fleet comprising 15 private jets and helicopters, with ambitious expansion plans set for the next three years.

This expansion forms a key part of PhilJets’ move towards meeting the evolving needs of the aviation sector in the Philippines and beyond.

With over a decade of experience in the ASEAN market, PhilJets brings invaluable expertise to the table. The collaboration with Lilium represents a strategic alignment aimed at harnessing PhilJets’ market knowledge to accelerate the adoption of eVTOL technology in the region.

Image Credit: Lilium

Redefining Regional Air Mobility

Against the backdrop of increasing environmental consciousness, the partnership between Lilium and PhilJets demonstrates a shared commitment to aviation decarbonization.

By introducing zero-emission eVTOL solutions, the collaboration aims to set new benchmarks for sustainability in regional air travel.

High-Speed Connectivity in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, with its diverse topography and rapidly growing economies, presents a fertile ground for high-speed regional air mobility solutions.

The Lilium Jet’s capacity for low-noise, high-performance operations positions it as a game-changer in addressing the connectivity needs of the region.

Stakeholder Comments

Thierry Tea, Chairman of PhilJets, emphasizes the transformative potential of eVTOL technology in the Philippines.

He highlights the alignment between Lilium’s capabilities and the country’s economic and geographical landscape, underscoring the significance of innovation in driving sustainable mobility solutions.

“With its growing economy, geography and important tourism industry, the Philippines is a great match to the Lilium Jet´s capabilities. Innovation in aviation is gaining traction among regulators, urban planners and industry leaders of worldwide economies,” he stated.

Sebastien Borel, Chief Commercial Officer at Lilium, underscores the strategic importance of the partnership with PhilJets in expanding Lilium’s footprint in Asia.

He emphasizes the suitability of the Philippines for eVTOL operations, citing the country’s fragmented geography as a prime opportunity for air mobility solutions.

The Philippines is well suited for eVTOLs to effectively connect thousands of islands together through sustainable and high-speed air mobility,” he explained.

“Asia is a key market for Lilium — and with the unique topographical challenges this region presents, the innovative design of the Lilium Jet is uniquely suited to address them.”

Future Prospects

The collaboration between Lilium and PhilJets represents a significant milestone in the evolution of regional air mobility.

In a region which is geographically suited to eVTOL mobility solutions, Lilium Jet is expected to meet regional transportation challenges of the Philippines.

As both companies then work in tandem to deploy eVTOL solutions across the wider Southeast Asia sector, the prospects for sustainable, high-speed air travel in the region are poised for exponential growth.

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