Latitude Air Ambulance commences major Hamilton International expansion

Render of new Latitude Air Ambulance facility at Hamilton International Airport.
Image Credit: Hamilton International Airport

Latitude Air Ambulance, in association with TradePort International Corporation and Vantage Airport Group, marked a significant milestone with a ground-breaking ceremony at Hamilton International on December 15.

The occasion celebrated the expansion of Latitude’s facilities at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM).

A Decade of Operations

Latitude initiated its operations at Hamilton International in 2009, taking flight with a single Bombardier Learjet 35 ambulance aircraft.

Latitude is an internationally recognized leader in long-haul aeromedical services, including medevac evacuations and repatriation, commercial medical escorts, worldwide bed finding services and organ transfers,

The operator flies to over 130 countries across six continents, providing a flying hospital, equipped with a full airborne intensive care unit. It now boasts a fleet of eight specialized aircraft.

Meeting the Growing Demand

Having successfully completed over 7,000 patient transfers worldwide, Latitude finds itself at a juncture demanding a dedicated facility.

The groundbreaking ceremony marked the commencement of construction for a state-of-the-art 44,000-square-foot fixed base operation at Hamilton International.

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This facility will house an aircraft hangar for maintenance and storage, space for medical equipment, and an office complex for administrative and training purposes.

Construction is expected to conclude by late 2024, signaling not just the physical expansion of Latitude’s facilities but also a projected 50% increase in employee levels within two years of project completion.

This growth is not merely quantitative; it underscores Latitude’s commitment to providing superior aeromedical services globally.

Reflecting on Triumphs

In recent years, 2022 emerges as Latitude’s most successful year to date, with over 550 missions and a staggering 5,200 total hours flown.

These missions extended beyond routine aeromedical services, including crucial support for Ornge, a vital component of Ontario’s healthcare system.

Latitude collaborates with Ornge for patient transfers and organ retrieval services, contributing significantly to the Trillium Gift of Life Network.

Collaborations for Community Well-being

Latitude’s impact extends beyond conventional aeromedical services. Collaborations with McMaster University and the Indigenous Children Eye Examination (ICEE) Program showcase the company’s commitment to community well-being.

It actively supports the delivery of eye care in communities where resources are scarce, exemplifying a corporate ethos that transcends the skies.

Stakeholder Comments

Peter Byl, President and CEO of Latitude Air Ambulance, emphasized the strategic significance of Hamilton International.

By investing in operations at Hamilton, Latitude aims to tap into the region’s growth potential, positioning itself as a ‘Medical Centre of Excellence.’

With over 100 dedicated personnel at its Hamilton base, Latitude is poised to amplify its global presence, delivering specialized healthcare solutions and lifesaving services worldwide.

Cole Horncastle, Executive Managing Director of Hamilton International, expressed pride in the longstanding partnership with Latitude.

As a global gateway and key transportation corridor, Hamilton International is committed to providing the strategic advantages Latitude needs to meet the surging demands associated with vital medical services globally.

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International aeromedical operator Latitude Air Ambulance has broken ground on a major expansion of facilities at Hamilton International Airport
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