KLM Flight Academy to replace trainers with Diamond aircraft

A Line of Diamond aircraft.
Photo Credit: Diamond Aircraft

KLM Flight Academy, based at Groningen Airport Eelde is replacing its training fleet with 12 single-engine Diamond DA40 NG and two additional twin-engine DA42-VI aircraft.

The jet-fuel powered Diamond training aircraft are not only renowned for their efficiency but also for their sustainability, burning up to 50 percent less fuel and producing fewer carbon dioxide emissions and less noise pollution.

The Shift to Sustainable Flight Training

KLM Flight Academy is making a substantial commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by embracing eco-friendly aviation technology.

The institution has placed a firm order for 12 single-engine DA40 NG and two twin-engine DA42-VI aircraft, all powered by the 168 HP jet fuel AE300 from Austro Engine.

These state-of-the-art aircraft are set to replace the aging fleet, signaling a new era in flight training.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the standout features of these Diamond training aircraft is their remarkable fuel efficiency. They can burn up to 50 percent less fuel compared to traditional avgas-powered aircraft.

This not only saves on operational costs but also significantly reduces the environmental impact of flight training.


Reduced Emissions

In addition to fuel efficiency, the Diamond aircraft produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions and less noise pollution.

This is a vital step forward in making aviation more sustainable and less disruptive to local communities around training facilities.

Technological Advancements

The new fleet of Diamond training aircraft is equipped with the latest advancements in aviation technology.

This means that students at KLM Flight Academy will have access to cutting-edge training resources, enhancing their learning experience and preparing them for the future of aviation.

Photo Credits: Diamond Aircraft

Delivery Schedule

The first deliveries of these eco-friendly aircraft are scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. This swift transition underscores KLM Flight Academy’s commitment to providing the best possible training for its students while minimizing its environmental impact.

Once the new aircraft are in operation, KLM’s fleet of Diamond training aircraft will comprise a total of 18 aircraft, including six DA42-VI and 12 DA40 NG aircraft.

Auke Dros, the managing director of KLM Flight Academy, expressed his enthusiasm for this green initiative, stating,

“With the replacement of the aging fleet with 12 DA40 NG and an additional two DA42-VI aircraft, KLM Flight Academy is ready for the flight training requirements of today and tomorrow.”

“The aircraft are quieter, more fuel-efficient, and have the latest developments in technology. This means that we can now offer our students even better flight training.”

Moreover, KLM Flight Academy has its eyes on the future of aviation. Dros continued, “The academy also has great interest in purchasing Diamond Aircraft eDA40s once certified to contribute for a better aviation of tomorrow.”

Preferred Choice for KLM Flight Academy

Jane Wang, sales director at Diamond Aircraft Austria, expressed her pride in Diamond’s aircraft being the preferred choice for KLM Flight Academy.

She stated, “We are proud that Diamond’s Austro Engine jet-fuel powered DA40 NG and DA42-VI are the first choice single and multi-engine trainer aircraft for KLM Flight Academy.”

“The aircraft are the ideal flight training solution for professional flight training organizations looking for safe, state-of-the-art, fuel-efficient, and maintenance-friendly aircraft, and who want to take care of the environment with the best options available on the market today.”

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