Kamaka Air: 65,000lbs of supplies airlifted amid Maui wildfires

Kamaka Air staff uplift supplies during Maui wildfires.
Photo Credit: Kamaka Air
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In the wake of the devastating wildfires that swept through Maui, Kamaka Air, a regional air freight delivery company serving Hawaii, demonstrated its commitment to supporting affected communities.

As the citizens of Maui grappled with the aftermath of the destructive fires that began on Tuesday, August 8th, Kamaka Air swiftly extended a helping hand.

Continuing its legacy of support for affected communities, Kamaka Air facilitated 10 evacuation flights and multiple free cargo flight deliveries with over 65,000 pounds of essential supplies, such as food, clothing, medicine, and household goods for citizens affected by the crisis.

Maui Wildfires: Responding to Crisis

Kamaka Air organized and facilitated an impressive total of 10 evacuation flights, ensuring the safe relocation of individuals affected by the wildfires.

Additionally, the operator orchestrated multiple cargo flights, delivering over 65,000 pounds of crucial supplies.

These supplies, including essentials like food, clothing, medicine, and household goods, were distributed to those directly impacted by the crisis, offering hope during a challenging time.


Heartfelt Condolences

Jim Petrides, the President of Kamaka Air, conveyed the company’s deep sympathy for the people of Maui. He extended heartfelt condolences to the families and friends who suffered the loss of their loved ones.

Mr. Petrides emphasized that the essential supplies shipped and the passenger charter flights organized by Kamaka Air aimed to provide both physical comfort and emotional relief to citizens who had temporarily relocated for safety and shelter.

Kamaka Air Cessna 408 SkyCourier. Photo Credit: Textron Aviation

Collective Efforts

In the face of adversity, the strength of unity became evident as Kamaka Air received generous contributions from various sources.

Over 41 contributors, including notable organizations such as the Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association, Hawaiian Humane Society, and the Four Seasons Resorts, came together to support the relief efforts.

This collective response exemplified the spirit of solidarity that prevails in the region during times of hardship. The combined efforts of these organizations showcased the heart-warming willingness to assist fellow citizens in need.

Among the numerous heroes that emerged during this crisis was Archie Kalepa, a globally recognized waterman, surfer, and retired lifeguard. Kalepa and his team of volunteers acted swiftly to address the urgent needs of the Lahaina community.

Photo Credits: Kamaka Air

Their prompt response during the Maui wildfires involved providing essential medical supplies, life-sustaining food, and other necessities to those who were affected.

Archie Kalepa’s decisive actions are credited with saving countless lives in Lahaina, underscoring the profound impact that individuals and communities can have in times of disaster.

Dedication and Goodwill

As the Lahaina community embarks on the path of recovery and rebuilding, Kamaka Air’s efforts remain a testament to its unwavering commitment to supporting neighboring communities in times of distress.

The air operator’s contributions during this crisis exemplify the extraordinary achievements that can arise from collective goodwill.

Kamaka Air’s actions reinforce the idea that even in the face of challenges, there is a remarkable potential for positive change when individuals and organizations come together with a shared purpose.

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