Joby Acquires New Manufacturing Facility in Dayton, Ohio

Render of Joby Aviation eVTOL aircraft parked at California airport facility.
Image Credit: Joby Aviation

Joby Aviation, Inc. (NYSE:JOBY) announced it has acquired an existing facility at Dayton International Airport, Ohio

The company, currently developing electric air taxis for commercial passenger service, will utilize the facility as part of its manufacturing operation for eVTOL aircraft.

Joby’s Expansion Strategy

Joby Aviation’s recent acquisition of the facility at Dayton International Airport marks the commencement of its manufacturing operations in Dayton, Ohio.

This move supports the company’s plan to scaling its production capabilities. The manufacturer’s prime vision is the revolutionizing urban mobility through advanced aerial transportation solutions.

Repurposing Underutilized Infrastructure

The facility acquired by Joby will undergo transformation into a state-of-the-art manufacturing center. This will be equipped to support the production of aircraft parts essential for Joby’s Pilot Production Line in Marina, California.

This repurposing of underutilized infrastructure is Joby’s approach to optimizing resources and leveraging existing facilities to speed its manufacturing processes.

A Joby Aviation air taxi on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Joby Aviation

Enhancing Manufacturing Capabilities

With plans to commence manufacturing operations later this year, Joby aims to utilize the acquired facility for the manufacture of titanium and aluminum aircraft parts. In this way, the company hopes to achieve efficient production and meet its ambitious goals.

This strategic utilization of advanced manufacturing techniques underscores Joby’s commitment to ensuring precision engineering and high-quality standards in its aircraft production processes.

Driving Economic Growth

Joby’s presence in Dayton is poised to nurture economic growth in the region, with plans to invest significantly in infrastructure development and job creation.

The establishment of manufacturing facilities and the creation of numerous manufacturing jobs underscore Joby’s contribution to driving sustainable economic development in the Miami Valley region.

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Acknowledging Community Engagement

Joby Aviation acknowledges the warm reception and support extended by the Dayton community and Ohio at large.

The company expresses gratitude for the enthusiastic interest shown by potential employees, and emphasizes its commitment to fostering collaboration and partnership with the local community.

Vision for the Future

Joby Aviation has now firmed the facility at Dayton International Airport. This is the first step in their ambitious plan to build a massive production site in Dayton, churning out 500 electric air taxis annually.

This expansion aligns with Joby’s vision to revolutionize urban transportation by meeting the growing demand for these innovative vehicles.

Building Sustainable Mobility Solutions

The innovative electric air taxi is designed to offer high-speed mobility with minimal noise and zero operating emissions.

Joby is at the forefront of building sustainable transportation solutions for urban communities. The company’s commitment to advancing clean technology underscores its dedication to addressing environmental challenges and shaping a more sustainable future.


Joby Aviation’s acquisition of the manufacturing facility at Dayton International Airport signifies a further step towards mass operations. This move bolsters their efforts to revolutionize urban mobility.

By leveraging existing infrastructure and fostering community collaboration, Joby will accelerate the development and deployment of electric air taxis.

The hope is to usher in a new era of transportation characterized by efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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