Jet Parts Engineering receives capital funding from Vance Street

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Seattle-based Jet Parts Engineering (JPE) has extended its partnership with Vance Street Capital, a Los Angeles based private equity firm, via a single-asset secondary transaction. 

The transaction creates a continuation fund with new capital to support Jet Parts Engineering organic growth initiatives and acquisition strategy. 

A Thriving Partnership

Vance Street’s initial investment in JPE dates back to July 2018. Since then, Jet Parts Engineering has not only met but exceeded expectations.

The company’s proactive approach has been evident in the accelerated pace of new product introductions, the development of proprietary repair capabilities, substantial investments in cutting-edge infrastructure and systems, the establishment of a robust management team, and the successful completion of four add-on acquisitions.

This enduring partnership recently witnessed a landmark through a single-asset secondary transaction, paving the way for a continuation fund infused with new capital. The primary purpose is to fortify Jet Parts Engineering’s organic growth initiatives and fuel its ambitious acquisition strategy.


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Jet Parts Engineering Comments

Anu Goel, Founder and CEO of Jet Parts Engineering, expressed gratitude for Vance Street’s pivotal role, stating, “Vance Street has been a fantastic growth partner for our company. They shared our long-term strategic vision and invested accordingly.”

“Through our partnership with Vance Street, we have evolved into a full-service provider to the industry, seamlessly combining the strengths of PMA, DER, and MRO to offer our customers a compelling value proposition.”

“We are thrilled to continue working closely with the Vance Street team as we embark on the next chapter of growth.”

Vance Street Comments

Brian Martin, Managing Partner at Vance Street, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the excitement surrounding the recent transaction.

“We are very excited to announce this transaction. It allows us to deliver an outstanding outcome to our investors while extending our investment in a great company led by a great team.”

Nic Janneck, Partner at Vance Street, affirmed that Jet Parts Engineering is poised for continued growth.

“Jet Parts is well positioned to continue its impressive growth trajectory. We’re excited to expand the Company’s proprietary parts catalogue, develop new capabilities, and make strategic acquisitions to continue to build this leading aftermarket platform.”

Looking Ahead

As Jet Parts Engineering charts its course for the future, this strategic partnership provides the financial impetus to propel the company forward.

The infusion of fresh capital, coupled with Vance Street’s unwavering support, sets the stage for a dynamic expansion.

The focus remains on enhancing the proprietary parts catalogue, fostering innovation, and strategically acquiring assets that further solidify Jet Parts Engineering’s standing as a leading aftermarket platform.

About JPE

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Seattle, WA, JPE is a leading provider of proprietary, aftermarket solutions for the commercial aerospace industry. 

The Company has deep engineering experience in developing proprietary, OEM-alternative PMA parts and DER repairs as well as MRO services, with a growing portfolio of intellectual property protected by FAA regulations. 

JPE delivers a compelling value proposition, offering lower costs and better service to a diversified customer base of blue-chip airlines, cargo providers and MROs.

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