Japan’s SkyDrive teams with KEPCO on eVTOL charging facilities

Render of a Skydrive eVTOL aircraft on a helipad.
Image Credit: Skydrive

SkyDrive Inc., a Japanese eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft manufacturer, has partnered with the Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO) to jointly develop electric charging facilities for eVTOLs.

This collaboration aims to provide charging infrastructure for eVTOLs in Osaka, Kansai, in preparation for the World EXPO 2025.

SkyDrive is on a mission to lead the “once-in-a-century mobility revolution” by developing affordable-access eVTOL aircraft for mass transportation.

The company has been selected to participate in the advanced air mobility Smart Mobility Expo Project at Expo 2025 Osaka, where they will showcase their SKYDRIVE eVTOL aircraft.

The role of KEPCO in eVTOL initiatives

KEPCO, the Kansai Electric Power Company, is involved in developing charging facilities for eVTOLs and is studying the support required for the installation of electric power infrastructure at eVTOL vertiports.

This indicates that they are looking to seriously enter the charging infrastructure business for vertiport facilities.


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In 2022, SkyDrive and KEPCO entered into a capital and business alliance agreement. This agreement led to joint research and development efforts to create advanced charging facilities necessary for the practical implementation of eVTOLs in daily society.

Image Credit: SkyDrive

Advanced charging facilities

The jointly developed charging facilities are designed to provide rapid charging with high current and voltage for electric-powered aircraft.

This design minimizes turnaround times, ensuring efficient and profitable operations. The facilities are also designed with scalability in mind, which can pave the way for their use in various locations globally.

Installation: The first set of charging facilities is planned to be installed at a flight test facility by the end of the year to support SkyDrive’s flight test program.

Subsequently, another facility will be established at the eVTOL vertiport on Yumeshima Island, in preparation for the World EXPO 2025 in Osaka, Kansai.

Future Cooperation: SkyDrive and KEPCO are committed to continued collaboration, with the goal of successfully deploying eVTOL technology not only in Japan but also worldwide.

This collaboration between SkyDrive and KEPCO is a significant step in advancing the development and deployment of eVTOLs and the necessary charging infrastructure for these revolutionary aerial vehicles.

It aligns with the growing interest in electric aviation and sustainable transportation solutions.

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