Gulfstream G280 cleared for operations at Gulf of Saint-Tropez Airport

A Gulfstream G280 takes off.
Photo Credit: Gulfstream

Gulfstream Aerospace has announced that the Gulfstream G280, a super-midsize aircraft, has received clearance for operations at the Gulf of Saint-Tropez Airport in La Môle, France.

The G280 has now successfully conducted multiple takeoff and landing demonstrations at this short-field airport.

Short-field operations

Mark Burns, the president of Gulfstream, expressed his satisfaction with the G280’s clearance, stating, “Given its prime location in the south of France, we are pleased to unlock this destination for G280 customers.

The aircraft offers long-proven short-field performance, which is required for this airfield, as well as competitive range access when departing from La Môle to all of Europe and northern Africa.”

Before commencing operations, G280 crews must undergo approved ground, simulator, and aircraft training by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) within six months of their first flight to La Môle. Notably, no modifications to the aircraft will be necessary for operational approval.

In addition to meeting the short-field performance requirements of La Môle, the G280 also boasts proven steep-approach capability, allowing access to some of the world’s most challenging airports.

This feature enables customers to land even closer to their intended destination. Furthermore, the G280 is certified to meet the stringent Stage 5 noise standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration.

About the G280

The Gulfstream G280 twin-engine business jet is the smallest and lightest aircraft in the Gulfstream G-family, and was designed to fill the gap between the Gulfstream G200 and the Gulfstream G550. The G280 began deliveries in 2012.

The jet has a range of 3,600 nautical miles (6,700 kilometers) at Mach 0.80, with four passengers and NBAA IFR reserves. It can fly from London to New York or Singapore to Dubai.

Its balanced field length has been reduced to 4,750 feet (1,450 meters) from the G200’s 4,960 feet (1,510 meters).

The aircraft is powered by two Honeywell HTF7000E engines, which provide a maximum thrust of 6,622 pounds each. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 17,962 pounds and a maximum landing weight of 14,832 pounds.

The G280’s cabin is well-appointed and offers multiple floorplan options, accommodating up to 10 passengers with a four-place conference table.

Passengers can enjoy Gulfstream’s exclusive cabin management and high-definition entertainment systems.

The aircraft’s 19 large oval windows provide panoramic views, and it also offers access to baggage at high altitudes. Moreover, passengers can stay connected with multiple connectivity options, including a high-speed Ka-band satellite system.


Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.’s announcement of the Gulfstream G280’s clearance for operations at the Gulf of Saint-Tropez Airport in La Môle, France, is a significant development for both the company and its customers.

With its exceptional short-field performance, steep-approach capability, and adherence to noise standards, the G280 offers a versatile and comfortable travel experience. The aircraft had a presence at the Paris Air Show where it featured alongside its stablemates, the Gulfstream G500, G700 and G800. 


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