GlobalX forms UrbanX Air to support South Florida Urban Air Mobility

Render of a GlobalX eVTOL aircraft in Miami, South Florida
Image Credit: Eve Air Mobility

Global Crossing Airlines Group, Inc., the operator of Miami-based airline GlobalX, has unveiled its new venture—UrbanX Air.

This subsidiary aims to lead the charge in integrating Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in South Florida, pending approval from the FAA and DOT.

The announcement comes with the appointment of Lucy Morillo, Esq., as the President and CEO of UrbanX, marking a significant step towards the future of urban transportation.

What is Urban Air Mobility (UAM)?

Urban Air Mobility is a visionary concept that envisions the use of highly automated, electrically propelled small aircraft to navigate short distances at lower altitudes in urban and suburban areas.

The primary goal is to alleviate traffic congestion, enhance travel times, and provide a safer, faster, and greener mode of transportation.


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Lucy Morillo, a distinguished attorney, community leader, and serial entrepreneur, steps into the role of leading UrbanX’s launch and developing the UAM ecosystem in South Florida.

This strategic move positions her as one of the few Hispanic female CEOs in the aviation and urban air mobility space.

Render of Eve Air Mobility eVTOL and Bluenest vertiport facility.
Image Credit: Eve Air Mobility

Paving the Way for UAM

Lucy Morillo’s extensive background spans executive roles in business, private equity, and the non-profit sectors. With decades of experience, she brings a unique blend of skills to her new position.

As a member of various aviation organizations, including the Wings Club and the International Aviation Womens Association, Morillo is well-connected within the industry.

Morillo’s proactive approach involves collaboration with local and state officials, infrastructure, energy, and technology providers to establish a robust framework.

With a proven track record in stakeholder engagement, cross-functional relationships, and risk management, Morillo is well-equipped to steer UrbanX towards success.

“We are delighted to have Lucy at the helm of UrbanX,” expressed Ed Wegel, chairman and CEO of GlobalX.

“She brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm from a range of industries with a proven track record of building stakeholder engagement and leading campaigns in many sectors.”

GlobalX’s Role in UAM Development

GlobalX, a major player in the U.S. aviation landscape, with over 600 aviation professionals, is set to leverage its operational knowledge to support UrbanX.

Having signed a letter of intent to purchase 200 electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) from Eve Air Mobility, a subsidiary of Embraer, GlobalX is on the cusp of bringing revolutionary eVTOL technology to South Florida by 2026.

This strategic move aligns with GlobalX’s commitment to transforming urban transportation in the region, addressing both environmental concerns and improving overall mobility.

The delivery of the first Eve eVTOL in 2026 positions GlobalX as a frontrunner in adopting innovative aircraft technology.

Lucy Morillo’s Social Enterprise Vision

In her role as President and CEO UrbanX, Lucy Morillo is dedicated to operating under a social enterprise business model. Collaborating with local governments, the company aims to ensure that its services benefit not only passengers but also the surrounding communities.

Morillo states, “I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to bring accessible air transportation to the South Florida region.”

“In coordination with Miami-Dade County and other local stakeholders, we will forge meaningful collaborations through a public-private partnership to ensure this cutting-edge technology lifts the entire community.”

Apart from leading UrbanX, Lucy Morillo is a principal and co-founder of LM & Associates (LMA), a women-owned marketing and communications firm supporting socially conscious brands.

She is also the co-owner and publisher of S Revista, a luxury lifestyle publication catering to Spanish speakers in the United States.

 Morillo’s commitment to social causes is further evident in her role as President-Elect of the International Women’s Forum (IWF) Florida Chapter.

Her impressive career notably includes leadership roles in prominent Miami-based organizations, such as the University of Miami and Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Morillo’s achievements range from securing significant donations for UM’s Momentum Campaign to managing assets and securing a substantial gift for the renaming of Miami Children’s Hospital.

The Future of Urban Transportation

The completion of the transactions outlined in the Eve Air Mobility LoI is contingent on the execution of definitive agreements and obtaining all necessary regulatory approvals.

As South Florida eagerly anticipates the integration of Urban Air Mobility, UrbanX, under the adept leadership of Lucy Morillo, stands poised to redefine the region’s transportation landscape.

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