Fraport and Lilium to work on development of commercial eVTOL network

Render of a Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft in flight over city.
Image Credit: Lilium

Fraport and Lilium N.V. (NASDAQ:LILM) have announced a strategic collaboration which plans to usher in a new era of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jets.

This latest partnership aims to explore the essential planning and approval steps required for necessary infrastructure, laying the groundwork for the implementation of commercial eVTOL operations at airports in Germany and further afield.

Fraport is presently active at 30 international airports across four continents. 

Fraport and Lilium Pairing

Fraport, a key player active at 30 international airports across four continents, now joins forces with Lilium, the developer of the first all-electric eVTOL jet.

Together, they will embark on a mission to prepare Germany and the global aviation industry for the introduction of regional electric air mobility.

The initial focus will be on collaborating with industry groups and the German government to fast-track regulatory work essential for the success of this innovative venture.

The Future of Urban Air Mobility

The collaborative efforts between Fraport and Lilium will extend beyond the immediate task of regulatory groundwork.

The partners plan to delve into the analysis of future mobility concepts, specifically tailored for vertiport networks suitable for electric aircraft.

This initiative includes exploring the design of vertiports in and around airports, in concert with Lilium’s existing partnerships at major German airports like Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg, Cologne-Bonn, and Düsseldorf.

Side view of Lilium eVTOL aircraft
Image Credit: Lilium

Feasibility and Forward Momentum

Lilium’s commitment to the electric aviation revolution is evident in their extensive studies on eVTOL infrastructure implementation.

Through partnerships with airports and air traffic control authorities, Lilium has confirmed the feasibility of regional aviation with eVTOLs.

These studies encompassed suitable locations, structural implementation, airspace integration procedures, potential use cases, and routes.

The continuous effort to collaborate with private and public stakeholders solidifies Lilium’s vision to make electric aviation a tangible reality in Germany.

Image Credit: Lilium

Assessing the Impact

Alexander Laukenmann, Senior Executive Vice President Aviation at Fraport AG, underscores the collaborative focus on examining the impact of eVTOLs on airport infrastructure.

As a frontrunner in connecting diverse transportation modes, Fraport aims to uphold and expand its leadership, embracing the environmentally sustainable prospects that eVTOLs bring to regional aviation.

Advancing Regulatory Steps

Lilium CEO Klaus Roewe highlights the significance of partnering with Fraport, one of the most renowned international airport operators globally. The collaboration aims to analyze conditions for regional aviation with electrically powered and quiet jets.

Roewe emphasizes the joint commitment to advancing both regulatory and practical steps, establishing suitable framework conditions for electric aviation in Germany and Europe.

The Lilium Jet and Regional Travel

The star of the show is the Lilium Jet, set to offer a spacious, low-noise, high-speed regional mode of transport with zero operating emissions.

This positions Lilium as the market leader in sustainable regional air mobility for both passenger and cargo, aligning perfectly with the global shift towards eco-friendly and innovative transportation solutions.

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