FlyOnE to Spearhead Australian Electric Air Transport

Render of an electric air transport terminal
Image Credit: FlyOnE Sustainable Aviation

FlyOnE, a leading Sustainable Aviation company, has announced its partnership with the Advanced Air Mobility Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to spearhead the expansion of electric air transport in Australia.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient future for air travel. It seeks to connect regional centers and major cities with affordable, ESG-friendly air transport solutions.

Travel Between Cities and Regional Areas

Australian skies are set to become cleaner and more connected with the exciting new partnership. The new collaboration pairs FlyOnE, a leader in sustainable aviation, with the Advanced Air Mobility Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).

This marks a giant leap forward for electric air travel in Australia. The project aims to revolutionize how people move between regional centers and major cities.

FlyOnE brings its extensive experience in deploying and operating electric aircraft to the table. With over 150,000 passenger-kilometers flown using electric planes, their expertise is a valuable asset.

The AAM CRC, on the other hand, focuses on research and development to propel the use of electric and autonomous passenger air travel.

Next Decade: Electric Air Travel

Together, they form a formidable team. Over the next decade, the AAM CRC will drive advancements across various aspects of electric air trave. This will involve assessing the vehicles themselves, air operations, and ground infrastructure.

This comprehensive approach tackles the entire “ground-to-sky” challenge, ensuring a smooth integration of this new technology.

But that’s not all. The CRC also aims to establish a strong domestic industry capable of supplying and servicing electric air travel solutions. This will apply not just for Australia, but for export as well.

Their focus areas include digitalization, advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, sustainability measures, and rigorous testing procedures.

This multi-pronged approach promises to create a more interconnected Australia, utilizing electric air travel to bridge vast distances while safeguarding a sustainable future for the nation’s air mobility sector.

Photo Credit: FlyOnE Sustainable Aviation

“Undeniable Need and Immense Potential”

“The caliber of the AAM CRC proposal reflects the undeniable need and immense potential for a dedicated research center in the aviation and aerospace industry,” said Dr. Adriano Di Pietro, Interim CEO of the Advanced Air Mobility CRC.

“Our industry faces a unique set of complex challenges, and a high degree of collaboration is essential to overcome them. We are confident that the AAM CRC is up to the task.”

The partnership between FlyOnE and the AAM CRC comes at a critical juncture, where the demand for sustainable transportation is growing rapidly.

Electric aircraft offer a promising solution, with the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution, making air travel more environmentally responsible.

This aligns perfectly with FlyOnE’s commitment to sustainability and its continuous efforts to minimize its environmental footprint.

Korum E, CEO of FlyOnE, echoed this sentiment, expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are delighted to join forces with the Advanced Air Mobility CRC to accelerate the development of electric air travel in Australia.”

“This collaboration will not only benefit the aviation industry by lowering costs and enhancing the customer experience, but it will also contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future for our nation.”

This partnership marks a significant milestone for electric air transport in Australia. By combining their expertise and resources, FlyOnE and the AAM CRC are well-positioned to drive innovation and shape the future of sustainable air travel in the country.

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