First New South Wales Ambulance Pilatus PC-24 enters service

New South Wales Ambulance PC-24 in flight over coast.
Photo Credit: Pilatus

The New South Wales Ambulance Fixed Wing Aeromedical Operations has now brought its first Pilatus PC-24 aircraft onto line operations.

In 2021, the Australian operator made the decision to enhance its aeromedical capabilities with the acquisition two advanced Pilatus PC-24 aircraft.

This marked a capability boost for the organization’s which provides aeromedical services across the state of New South Wales, covering an extensive area of approximately 800,000 square kilometers.

The PC-24 Super Versatile Jet

PC-24’s Role in Aeromedical Operations

The PC-24 stands out as the world’s only Super Versatile Jet dedicated to aeromedical missions.

Renowned for its exceptional performance and adaptability, this aircraft has garnered acclaim from top aeromedical organizations globally.

Its proven track record in navigating challenging operating conditions makes it a preferred choice for critical missions.


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Advantages of the PC-24 for New South Wales Ambulance

With the introduction of the PC-24 into its fleet, the New South Wales Ambulance aims to elevate its aeromedical capabilities to further heights.

The aircraft’s versatility is particularly beneficial for covering the vast distances inherent in serving the Australian environment.

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, the PC-24 ensures optimal comfort and safety for both clinical staff and patients.

Photo Credit: Pilatus

Pilatus: A Legacy in Aeromedical Aviation

For over three decades, Pilatus has been at the forefront of manufacturing aircraft tailored to the unique needs of aeromedical operators worldwide.

With a client roster that includes esteemed organizations such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia and Ornge in Canada, Pilatus has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

The PC-24 sets a new benchmark in air ambulance technology, boasting the distinction of being the world’s first jet with a dedicated patient loading door.

This innovative feature streamlines the process of patient transfer, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and safety.

Whether utilizing the electrically powered loading device or the ramp, patient loading becomes a secure, streamlined process.

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