FarCargo takes delivery of first Boeing 757-200 freighter

A FarCargo Boeing 757 freighter in flight.
Photo Credit: FarCargo

FarCargo, an air cargo part of the Bakkafrost Group, recently acquired their first aircraft – a Boeing 757-200 from the USA in late 2023.

The aircraft, which arrived in Copenhagen this week, had a history of passenger operations under American Airlines, and has been repurposed for air cargo operations.

The arrival of the new freighter marking a key moment for the Faroe Islands and European air cargo markets.

A Step Towards Efficient Logistics

FarCargo’s strategic decision stems from recognizing the significance of market access and streamlined logistics in the competitive world of fresh seafood export.

In a statement, the company emphasized that the Faroe Islands’ unique location demands a robust logistics network to maintain a competitive edge and ensure the highest quality delivery to customers.

The Boeing 757-200 Freighter

Bakkafrost has confirmed that the acquired aircraft is a Boeing 757-200 manufactured in 2001. Having served as a passenger aircraft under American Airlines, it has undergone a conversion for cargo operations.

The aircraft boasts an impressive capacity, capable of carrying up to 35 tons or 230 cubic meters of cargo.


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Equipped with energy-efficient winglets and RNP 0.13 technology, it is well-suited for flights to and from the Faroe Islands. Additionally, the cargo hull has been role-modified to accommodate refrigerated cargo, enhancing its versatility.

To facilitate local cargo operations, the aircraft is presently undergoing a transition from FAA to EASA registration.

FarCargo has strategically partnered with the Swedish airline West Atlantic, which will operate the aircraft under its AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) until FarCargo secures its own AOC.

Maiden Flight and Expansion Plans

The initial flight operations will commence in Europe, allowing the crew and technical personnel to familiarize themselves with the aircraft and obtain necessary certificates and permits.

Subsequently, the flight route will connect the Faroe Islands (FAE), Iceland (KEF), Newark, New Jersey (EWR), and Billund, Denmark (BLL).

FarCargo envisions gradually expanding the route to include multiple departures every week, enhancing connectivity.

Cargo Opportunities

In collaboration with Nordic GSA, FarCargo aims to open up cargo space for freight forwarders, connecting Newark to Billund and the Faroe Islands.

Customers can seamlessly book cargo space through local freight forwarders partnered with Nordic GSA, ushering in new possibilities for perishables and express shipments in the Faroese market.

FarCargo is not only revolutionizing logistics but is also taking strides toward sustainability. The company plans to use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in its operations, actively participating in the development of SAF to mitigate environmental impacts.

The goal is to increase the share of SAF in the fuel, aligning with evolving technology and market conditions.

Crew and Future Expansion

Currently, FarCargo fields a crew of eight members, all certified for Boeing 757 operations.

As the operation gains momentum, the company plans to hire additional crew members, ensuring a smooth and efficient cargo transport operation.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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