Exquisite Air Charter: Europe-bound private flights see summer increase

A private jet in flight.
Photo Credit: Exquisite Air Charter

Global private aviation operator Exquisite Air Charter is registering a rise in demand for long-haul international private charters for the upcoming summer season.

A slow rebound in commercial long-haul travel, combined with the full recovery of the travel industry after the pandemic, are the main variables that explain the trend.

Furthermore, in terms of availability to travel from the U.S. to Europe on a private jet, the company reports that while a significant percentage of large-cabin aircraft are based in California, Texas, and Florida.

Many of these aircraft are operating as a floating fleet and, as a result, are available throughout the U.S. depending on where their last trip ended.

In order to find those private jets at the right place and time, it’s key to partner with a certified and experienced private jet broker.

“Brokers have tools to identify where those planes are at all times and that is how we efficiently source from the entire industry and keep the end user costs down,” states Rena Davenport, CEO of Exquisite Air Charter.

“Whether crossing the pond from New York or Miami, we will have a wide array of options that adapt to the passenger’s needs and overall budget,” she adds.

“Europe is often a longer vacation and due to minimum flight time requirements, it is often more cost-effective to be dropped off and picked up which requires two one-ways; another benefit of a broker and how a broker has access to availability around the globe – not just in the U.S.”


The move to customized service

Furthermore, the customized service aboard a private jet continues attracting first-time private jet travelers to the market.

A trend that was fueled by the pandemic, it’s the overall flexibility and comfort that the segment provides to travelers that delivers the most value, even granting the possibility to travel with pets in the cabin with their owners.

“When traveling to Europe passengers usually stay at least a week abroad and by chartering a private jet they will avoid being exposed to crowded airports and the hassle that comes along with commercial air travel.”

“Most importantly, especially when flying to popular summer locations like Paris, London, and Madrid, the possibility to land at alternate airports will reduce travel times enormously and maximize the overall flight experience”, concludes Davenport.

About Exquisite Air Charter

Exquisite Air Charter is a global boutique operation headquartered in Los Angeles that builds long-term relationships and provides very personalized service to every customer.

Exquisite Air Charter’s aviation knowledge and expertise facilitate relationships with executives at the most highly regarded operators in the world and those relationships assist us in providing top-notch service to our clients.


It seems that the private jet charter market continues to ride on a wave of continued public interest, which was originally sparked out of necessity during the global pandemic era.

With trends in the commercial airline sector showing indications that air travellers are demanding greater flexibility in service in choosing travel options, the private charter market seems to be gaining some traction with this sentiment.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
4 Min Read
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