Eviation signs LOI with new airline flyVbird for 25 Alice electric aircraft

A render of the Eviation Alice electric aircraft flying above clouds.
Image Credit: Eviation

Eviation Aircraft, a leading manufacturer of all-electric aircraft, has announced that flyVbird, an emerging Germany-based on-demand regional airline, has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for 25 Alice aircraft, with options for a further 25.


New European start-up flyVbird is on a mission to revolutionize air travel, with a strong focus on enhancing connectivity in rural areas.

The airline is set to utilize smaller, more accessible airports, bridging the gap between remote communities and the rest of the world.

At the heart of their vision is a unique algorithm-driven approach that delivers on-demand air travel to routes passengers desire, making travel more accessible than ever before.

To fulfill this vision, flyVbird plans to secure its own Air Operator Certificate, utilizing the innovative Alice aircraft for decentralized and sustainable travel across Europe.

This ambitious project aims to connect unconnected or underserved communities worldwide while delivering carbon-free, cost-effective, and convenient air travel.


Photo Credit: Eviation.

Eviation Alice and the Electric Revolution

At the forefront of this partnership is the revolutionary Alice aircraft. As the world’s first flight-tested all-electric commuter aircraft, Alice represents a significant leap forward in sustainable aviation.

Unlike conventional aircraft, Alice produces zero emissions, making it a beacon of hope for a greener future. Moreover, its operational costs per flight hour are significantly lower than traditional light jets or regular turboprops, ensuring economic efficiency.

Alice is powered by two magni650 electric propulsion units, developed by magniX, a global leader in flight-proven electric propulsion systems.

This partnership between Eviation and magniX highlights a shared commitment to sustainable aviation and innovation.

By utilizing these cutting-edge propulsion units, Alice promises a quieter and more environmentally friendly flying experience, ensuring a positive impact on both passengers and the planet.

Decarbonizing Aviation

The European Union has taken a significant step forward in decarbonizing the aviation industry. With ambitious new rules and targets, the EU aims to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel, ultimately striving for net-zero carbon emissions.

In this context, the Alice aircraft emerges as an innovative and beautifully designed solution to lead aerospace’s transition to a more sustainable future.

Eddie Jaisaree, Vice President, Commercial Sales at Eviation, expressed the importance of this development, stating, “The Alice is the innovative and beautifully designed aircraft needed to lead aerospace’s transition to net-zero carbon emissions.”

“We are very pleased to partner with flyVbird in the future of flight.” This partnership symbolizes a commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable aviation industry.

A Perfect Fit for flyVbird

The attributes of the Alice aircraft make it a perfect fit for flyVbird’s ambitious goals. Anton Lutz, CEO of flyVbird, made this clear at the Routes World 2023 Conference in Istanbul, stating,

“The fact that Alice is a zero-carbon, quiet, low operational cost aircraft makes it the perfect solution for flyVbird to deliver clean, on-demand regional travel across Europe into the next decade and beyond.”

Through their unique AI-driven approach, flyVbird aims to offer direct alternatives to typical hub-and-spoke operations, and the Alice aircraft will play a pivotal role in this endeavor.

flyVbird GmbH (formerly flyvirtual.global UG) is an emerging regional airline headquartered in Germany.

In lieu of a traditional hub-and-spoke network, flyVbird’s airline model is an AI-backed carrier that will use algorithms to schedule flights based on paid bookings.

Its focus will be on serving regional airports to offer a faster and more convenient alternative to traditional transport methods.

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