Eve Air Mobility makes inroads into Japan market

Render of an Eve Air Mobility eVTOL aircraft at a vertiport.
Image Credit: Eve Air Mobility

Eve Air Mobility has announced details of its latest agreement with SkyScape, a Japanese vertiport development and management company.

Under a recently brokered agreement, the partnership will utilize Eve’s Urban air traffic management (ATM) software as a key component of the advanced air mobility (AAM) initiative spearheaded by the Japanese government.

Expanding UAM Market

The collaboration marks the latest move for Eve Air Mobility, as SkyScape becomes the 13th customer to adopt Eve’s Urban ATM solution and the sixth to integrate it into their vertiport operations globally.

This strategic alliance underscores the growing demand and recognition of the importance of efficient air traffic management in the realm of urban air mobility.

Under the agreement, Eve and SkyScape will collaborate on various initiatives, including promoting urban air mobility, conducting test trials of Urban ATM software, and exploring opportunities for eVTOL design and testing.

Render of Eve Air Mobility eVTOL and Bluenest vertiport facility.
Image Credits: Eve Air Mobility


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Overview of Eve’s Urban ATM Software Solution

Eve’s Urban ATM software serves as the operational foundation for the steady implementation and scalability of urban air mobility.

The software is tailored to cater to various stakeholders including air navigation service providers, urban authorities, fleet operators, and vertiport operators.

This traffic management solution encompasses a range of essential services such as UAM flight coordination, vertiport automation, airspace flow management, and conformance management.

Importance of Urban ATM in Advanced Air Mobility

Urban ATM plays a crucial role in facilitating the safe and expeditious movement of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in densely populated urban areas.

By streamlining airspace utilization and ensuring regulatory compliance, Urban ATM enhances the viability and safety of AAM operations, paving the way for widespread adoption of aerial transportation services in urban environments.

Render of Eve Air Mobility eVTOL aircraft above city.

David Rottblatt, Vice President of Sales and Government Affairs at Eve Air Mobility, emphasizes the significance of this agreement, positioning Japan as a proactive leader in embracing urban air mobility.

“Japan has been very proactive and is a global leader in pursuing urban air mobility. Eve’s Urban ATM solution will play a critical role in helping to transport eVTOL passengers quickly and safely in densely populated cities in the future,” said Rottblatt.

With Eve’s Urban ATM solution at the forefront, the latest partnership is poised to advance urban transportation by enabling swift and secure eVTOL passenger transport within metropolitan landscapes.

SkyScape’s Role

Asa Quesenberry, CEO of SkyScape, expresses his commitment to advancing AAM services, highlighting the collaborative efforts with Eve as a significant step towards realizing their vision.

“Working directly with the EVE team pushes us one step closer to the reality we’re looking to create within advanced air mobility and enables the variety of aviation operations we’re planning to offer from our facilities,” said Quesenberry.

By leveraging Eve’s expertise and technology, SkyScape aims to establish itself as a frontrunner in delivering innovative aviation solutions and expanding the horizons of urban mobility.

SkyScape introduces a novel concept of vertiport development through its “building blocks” strategy, offering modular units that enable customizable and efficient construction of aviation facilities.

By embracing sustainability and flexibility, SkyScape aims to create versatile vertiport infrastructure capable of supporting diverse aviation operations and community needs.

The Concept of Aviation Facility “Building Blocks”

These building blocks serve as versatile units designed to accommodate various elements of vertiport operations, ranging from eVTOL services to first response and medical deliveries.

By utilizing upcycled conex containers and durable materials, SkyScape ensures rapid deployment and resilience of aviation facilities while promoting environmental stewardship.

Sustainability and Community

Central to SkyScape’s approach is a commitment to sustainability and community empowerment.

By fostering collaboration and embracing eco-friendly practices, SkyScape endeavors to create aviation hubs that not only facilitate seamless transportation but also serve as catalysts for economic growth and social development.

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