Embraer’s E2 Profit Hunter gets new ‘Tech Eagle’ livery

An Embraer E2 in Tech Eagle livery
Photo Credit: MAAS Aviation

MAAS Aviation, a globally recognized expert in aircraft painting and exterior coatings, has completed paintworks on Embraer’s latest Profit Hunter, the E195-E2 “Tech Eagle.”

The repainting project was kept secret and was completed at MAAS’ flagship facility in Maastricht, The Netherlands, last month.

The Craftsmanship Behind the Tech Eagle

Behind the scenes, a team of 38 highly skilled painters from MAAS Aviation embarked on a 15-day marathon, working around the clock shifts to breathe life into the Tech Eagle.

Their commitment and expertise played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this ambitious venture.

The synergy between Embraer, MAAS, and AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings was the linchpin of this project’s success.

Their collaborative spirit not only met but exceeded expectations, giving birth to a livery that is both striking and iconic.


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A Legacy of Predator-Themed Liveries

Embraer’s Tech Eagle joins the pantheon of predator-themed liveries, following in the footsteps of the renowned shark, lion, and snow leopard designs.

Darragh Hall, Jnr, graphics manager at MAAS, expressed the excitement of being part of this challenging yet exhilarating project.

“The Embraer team approached everything with the same ‘solutions, not problems’ attitude and were a pleasure to work alongside,” said Hall.

“This shared approach coupled with the experience of our inhouse painting team, resulted in the delivery of another fantastic livery.”

MAAS production coordinators Andrzej Calus and Adam Buczek shed light on the challenges faced during the project:

“When I first saw the project, I was very impressed with the design and immediately started to plan how we would achieve such a detailed and complicated paint job,” said Calus.

From intricate designs to the complexities of painting on a curved aircraft surface, every obstacle was met with meticulous planning and unwavering attention to detail.

“Marking out the lines with masking tape was a difficult task that needed absolute attention to detail. Even the smallest deviation would have been unacceptable, so it was not easy,” said Buczek.

“But in the end, it looks great, we are all very happy with the final result.”

Photo Credits: MAAS Aviation

Accolades from Embraer

The culmination of this venture received accolades from Embraer, with Guy Douglas, director of corporate communications at Embraer Commercial Aviation, praising the artwork emerging from The Netherlands.

André Machado, global creative director at Embraer, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing their satisfaction with the results and the overall process.

AkzoNobel’s Role

AkzoNobel’s role in this project marked the sixth collaboration with MAAS and Embraer on a predator-themed livery.

Xavier Rijmenans, sales director aerospace EMEA at AkzoNobel, highlighted the thrill of working on creative projects and commended the collaborative effort that brought the Tech Eagle’s vision to life.

The complexity of the E2 Tech Eagle livery demanded AkzoNobel’s Aerodur 3001 Basecoat/Clearcoat system in over 14 different colors.

Xavier Rijmenans emphasized the collaborative synergy, stating that their color experts delivered the ideal palette, and MAAS executed the painting flawlessly.

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