Diamond Aircraft Operates with Trakka Imaging Technology

A Diamond Aircraft DA62 equipped with Trakka imaging technology.
Photo Credit: Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft, a manufacturer of innovative and fuel-efficient aircraft, joined forces with Trakka Systems, a pioneer in advanced multispectral imaging solutions. A test flight has showcased the capabilities of Trakka’s latest long-range imaging system.

This successful collaboration involved integrating the TC-375 EO/IR imager onto a Diamond DA62 MPP aircraft.

The week-long mission yielded impressive results, demonstrating the system’s effectiveness in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) as well as Search and Rescue (SAR) applications.

This achievement strengthens a seven-year partnership between the two companies. Diamond Aircraft played a key role as both an integrator and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Trakka’s advanced imaging systems.

Introducing the TC-375 EO/IR Imager

The TC-375 EO/IR imager boasts impressive features, including:

  • Long-range, gyro-stabilized, multispectral imaging for exceptional clarity and situational awareness across diverse environments.
  • Full HD (1080p) resolution for both integrated EO and IR sensors, providing operators with clear, detailed imagery in various lighting conditions, including complete darkness and challenging weather.
  • Uninterrupted, continuous zoom with a powerful image processing engine, empowering users with maximum stand-off range and the ability to enhance imagery for revealing hidden details.

Stakeholder Comments

Adam Boniecki, European Sales Manager at Trakka Systems, expressed his satisfaction with the mission tests, highlighting the TC-375’s exceptional performance in delivering actionable imagery for ISR and SAR operations.

He also emphasized the system’s suitability for the DA62 MPP platform due to its ITAR-free single LRU design. Trakka looks forward to continuing this collaboration and exploring further opportunities.

Markus Fischer, Director of the Special Mission Division at Diamond Aircraft Austria, echoed the positive sentiment.

He emphasized the system’s impressive features, particularly the extended IR zoom and easy upgrade potential. The seamless integration further solidified Diamond’s position as a major player in the market.

The successful demonstration showcased Trakka’s cutting-edge imaging solutions and Diamond Aircraft’s versatile DA62 platform.

About the DA62 MPP

The DA62 MPP is the latest addition to Diamond Aircraft’s successful Special Mission Aircraft portfolio.

This twin-engine aircraft boasts a state-of-the-art glass cockpit, a fully integrated autopilot, and excellent fuel efficiency due to its turbo-charged jet-fuel engines.

The carbon fiber construction offers an unlimited airframe life and superior corrosion resistance, even in harsh environments.

These features translate to extremely low operating costs, making the DA62 MPP the most cost-effective Special Mission Aircraft in its class.

Diamond Aircraft Special Mission Concept

Diamond Aircraft sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive 360° turnkey solution for special mission needs.

This includes a cost-efficient Diamond Aircraft platform, airborne sensors, data links, ground stations, global support, spare parts, training, and even transportation.

About Trakka Systems

Trakka Systems is a globally recognized leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing critical vision technology solutions for a wide range of applications.

Their commitment to innovation and excellence ensures advanced imaging and tracking solutions that empower organizations to achieve their missions effectively.

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