Deutsche Aircraft progresses D328 UpLift test lab conversion

Coordinator for Aerospace Policy with Deutsche Aircraft staff in hangar with D328 test aircraft.
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

Dr. Anna Christmann, the Coordinator for Aerospace Policy of the German Federal Government, recently visited the Deutsche Aircraft headquarters in Oberpfaffenhofen to monitor the progress of the transformation of the D328® UpLift into a flying test laboratory.

The conversion of the D328® UpLift flight lab and the launch of the CAvIA project represent significant milestones in the development of sustainable aviation technologies.

The CAvIA LuFo project

On 1 January 2024, the “CAvIA” federal aviation research programme was launched, supported by federal funding of around 1.42 million Euros.

Deutsche Aircraft is investigating flight operations with just one pilot and energy-optimised trajectories as a joint leader of this project.

The aim is to make aviation more environmentally friendly through the use of intelligent avionics.

The D328® UpLift Conversion

Deutsche Aircraft is currently converting a former passenger aircraft into a flying test bed.

Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics systems and temporarily modified engines capable of running on sustainable fuels, the D328® UpLift aims to conduct an experimental CO2 emission measurement campaign.


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This transformation is a crucial step towards sustainable aviation.

Preparation for ILA Berlin 2024 Debut

The flying test bed, D328® UpLift, will make its debut in June 2024 at ILA Berlin, the leading aerospace trade fair in Germany and Europe.

This event marks a significant milestone in showcasing advancements in sustainable aviation technologies.

A Deutsche Aircraft D328eco aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

Significance of the UpLift flying test laboratory

Dr. Anna Christmann, Coordinator for Aerospace Policy, emphasized the importance of the UpLift flying test laboratory in advancing climate-friendly flying and Germany’s sustainable development.

“The UpLift flying test laboratory is a key industrial policy project for climate-friendly flying and Germany’s sustainable development,” said Dr. Christmann during her visit.

“I am delighted that the project operated by DLR with its technical expertise, is making progress with the support of Deutsche Aircraft.”

“It is crucial that the laboratory is made available to all our industrial partners. This is an important strategic step towards testing measures for climate-neutral flying under real conditions.”

The laboratory, operated by DLR with support from Deutsche Aircraft, will become a major asset as part of testing measures.

CEO’s Perspective

Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche Aircraft, highlighted the company’s commitment to developing innovative and environmentally friendly aircraft solutions.

“The development of innovative and environmentally friendly aircraft solutions, such as our new D328ecoTM, is of key importance,” says Jackson.

“As an OEM, we are also proud to carry out the conversion of the D328® UpLift into a flying research laboratory in our hangar.”

“This lays the foundation for technological advancements in aviation and paves the way for eco-friendly flights.”

Partnerships for sustainability

Deutsche Aircraft expressed gratitude to the German Federal Government, German Aerospace Center, and industry partners for their support in advancing sustainable aviation technologies.

As a strategic partner for the sustainable development of regional air transport, Deutsche Aircraft is working with key players in the industry to achieve climate-neutral flights.

Collaboration among stakeholders will be an essential part of the move towards achieving carbon-neutral flights.

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