Daher pushes forward with five-year growth plan

Render of Daher TBM and Kodiak aircraft in flight.
Image Credit: Daher

Light aircraft manufacturer Daher is now moving into the second year of a five-year strategic plan to position itself internationally, entering 2024 with a positive momentum.

Daher Group emerges as a potentially formidable player, showcasing its prowess with an impressive revenue of 1.65 billion euros in 2023.

This accomplishment supports the manufacturer’s overarching vision encapsulated within its five-year strategic plan, aptly named “Take Off 2027,” spanning the period from 2023 to 2027.

One year after the launch of this strategic plan, the Daher Group has achieved significant progress – notably with more than 35 per cent of its revenue generated in the United States

Industrial Services Division

Central to Daher’s strategic trajectory is the inception of the “Industrial Services” division, a pivotal addition catalyzing the group’s ascendancy within the aeronautical value chain.

Augmenting its role as an aircraft manufacturer, industrialist, and logistician, this division aims to strengthen Daher’s position as the preferred partner for major aeronautical clientele.

Garnering over 35% of revenue from the United States underscores Daher’s global footprint.

A Daher TBM 900 turboprop aircraft by the hangar.
Photo Credit: Daher


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Milestones of Take Off 2027

In 2023, Daher began implementing a major evolution to achieve the objectives of its “Take Off 2027” strategic plan and to reach the goal of “becoming a large, profitable international company” by 2027.

The integration of the Assistance Aéronautique et Aérospatiale (AAA) company into the newly formed Industrial Services division stands as a testament to Daher’s strategic foresight.

Boasting a workforce of more than 3,000 specialists across 11 countries, Daher is set to support its clientele through comprehensive production cycles.

Decarbonization Roadmap

In its pursuit of sustainable aviation solutions, Daher charts an ambitious decarbonization roadmap. The maiden voyage of the EcoPulse demonstrator aircraft, a hybrid-electric marvel developed in collaboration with Airbus and Safran, underscores Daher’s commitment to eco-friendly innovation.

With plans to introduce hybrid-electric aircraft to the market by 2027, Daher positions itself as a vanguard in shaping the future of aviation.


Leadership and Expertise

Beyond technological frontiers, Daher prioritizes the cultivation of leadership and expertise. The deployment of the “Daher Leadership Model” imparts a cohesive management ethos across its cadre of 1,500 executives and managers.

Additionally, the nurturing of talent remains a cornerstone of Daher’s ethos, evident in the training of over 410 new employees for technical roles within the aeronautical sector.

Moving into 2024, the company is supported by strategic appointments to its Executive Committee, including luminaries like Alain-Jory Barthe and Cédric Eloy.

Addressing Challenges and Embracing Growth

One year after the launch of its “Take Off 2027” strategic plan, the Group is meeting its objectives and continuing its growth.

With a recruitment rate of approximately 15 per cent in 2023 and the creation of the Industrial Services division as its fourth business, the Group is opening new ambitious prospects for 2024 in terms of growth, human resources, decarbonization and innovation.

In the words of Didier Kayat, the chief executive officer of the Daher Group, “The journey towards excellence is marked by challenges, but it is our unwavering dedication to innovation and collaboration that propels us forward.”

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