Crisalion Mobility and Kookiejar to Develop Vertiports

Render of Crisalion eVTOL aircraft parked at vertiport
Image Credit: Crisalion Mobility

Spanish electric mobility innovator Crisalion Mobility and Swedish vertiport specialist Kookiejar have joined forces to revolutionize urban air mobility.

This strategic partnership focuses on the development of vertiports, the vital infrastructure for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

A Roadmap for Urban Air Mobility

Crisalion Mobility and Kookiejar are working together to create a comprehensive action plan for vertiport development. This plan will establish shared goals and a clear roadmap, paving the way for project success.

A key focus will be on maximizing synergy between Crisalion’s Integrity eVTOL and Kookiejar’s vertiport designs.

Additionally, the partnership will explore operational efficiency for Crisalion’s operations within these facilities.

This will encompass applications in freight transport, medical emergencies, and various urban, regional, and tourism missions.

A Milestone for Urban Air Mobility

Environmental responsibility is paramount to this collaboration. The agreement prioritizes the development of strategies that minimize the environmental impact of vertiport operations. In so doing, it will ensure adherence to the highest sustainability standards.

This commitment extends to joint training programs for both companies’ teams and ongoing research.

They will investigate future technologies that can further optimize the safety and efficiency of air mobility operations within the project.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the advancement and integration of air mobility into urban transportation networks.

It unlocks new possibilities for seamless eVTOL aircraft incorporation into global infrastructure, ushering in a new era for urban air travel.

Collaboration is recognized as the key to achieving sustainable and groundbreaking solutions.

Both Crisalion Mobility and Kookiejar bring their unique expertise in developing innovative and safe solutions to facilitate the effective implementation of vertiports worldwide.

Render of a Crisalion eVTOL aircraft parked at a vertiport.
Image Credit: Crisalion Mobility

Modular Vertiports for Global Reach

Inspired by IKEA’s approach, Kookiejar’s vertiports utilize a scalable and modular construction method.

This allows businesses, cities, and towns to easily adapt their existing commercial real estate for air mobility, forming a highly efficient vertiport network.

Kookiejar’s cost-effective solutions provide flexibility in vertiport deployment, aiming to minimize landing fees and make air mobility accessible to everyone.

Quotes from Stakeholders

Óscar Lara Rapp, COO of Crisalion Mobility, expressed his enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to propel this exciting project forward with Kookiejar as a key partner.”

“By combining our technical expertise and shared vision, we can significantly advance safe and efficient vertiport development.”

“Together, we’re paving the way for transformative air mobility solutions that will revolutionize cities and improve people’s lives.”

Kim Silander, founder of Kookiejar, echoed this sentiment: “This agreement represents a powerful synergy of ideas and innovation.”

“Air mobility technology is experiencing a period of rapid change, and we’re excited to partner with Crisalion Mobility to play a pivotal role in this transformation.”

“Our highly complementary technical expertise will enable us to design and build vertiports that meet the most stringent safety and efficiency standards.”

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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