Crefisa Receives Embraer E190-E2 for Match Travel 

A Placar Embraer E190-E2 jet in flight.
Photo Credit: Embraer

On the 27th of June, Embraer proudly announced that it has concluded the sale of an E190-E2 aircraft to Brazil’s finest financial institution, Crefisa. The company intends to use the aircraft for charter flights transporting top football teams, via Placar Linhas Aéreas.

The new E190-E2 jet will be placed under the Placar Linhas Aéreas livery, which was handed over at a ceremony in São José dos Campos, Embraer’s facility. 

The Embraer E2 Jet

The latest range from Embraer, the E2 Jet family boasts one of the quietest and the most fuel-efficient aircraft available in the market as of today. Embraer confirms that the E2 family is the most versatile and the most economical aircraft in the market, for both commercial and charter operations.

A Placar Embraer on the taxiway.

The E190-E2 range of 2,850 nautical miles or 5,278 kilometers, allows direct flights to all points in Latin America, departing from  São Paulo, Brazil.

This particular deal with the financial company was conducted by Embraer’s Asset Management Group and was booked during the fourth quarter of Embraer’s 2022 backlog. 

Owner of Crefisa Group and President of Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, Leila Pereira, stated optimistically:  “The E2 is an extremely comfortable and efficient aircraft – perfect for football travel.”


“We’re proud to be working with Embraer, another of Brazil’s global success stories, as we develop our own charter operation with Placar Linhas Aéreas S.A. Arriving in style on Brazil’s most modern jet is a great way for any team to start the game day.”

Photo Credits: Embraer

President and CEO of Embraer, Francisco Gomes Neto commented on the transaction:  “This deal matches two of Brazil’s world-leading areas of success – football and aviation.”

“Embraer staff are huge fans of the game and will be excited to see their footballing heroes flying on the company’s new E2 aircraft. The teams and charter guests will enjoy the unparalleled comfort, spacious cabin and minimal noise.”

“The fuel efficiency and short runway performance are an obvious choice for the start-up operator, offering an immediate option to serve regional airports, including those with shortened runways unable to handle large aircraft.”

“Embraer’s commercial jets play an essential role in enabling airlines to open, develop, and grow their networks profitably.”

Worldwide Footprint

Embraer is known to have produced one of the best regional jets used by airlines globally.

The E2 family is in operation with KLM (Netherlands), Helvetic Airlines (Switzerland), Azul (Brazil), Air Peace (Nigeria), and Porter Airlines (Canada). All of the mentioned airlines appear very satisfied with the Embraer product. 

About Embraer

The company is a global aviation company, proudly made in Brazil. Embraer penetrates both, commercial and business aviation, and also touches the field of Defense & Security and Agriculture Aviation, highlighting the commitment of the company to serving the aviation community.

Embraer was founded in 1969 and since then it has built more than 8,000 aircraft. Embraer is now responsible for transporting over 145 million passengers per annum, which is an impressive milestone. 

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