Coulson Aviation to provide aerial firefighting support to Argentina

A Coulson Aviation helicopter fights a wildfire.
Photo Credit: Michael Nevin/Coulson Aviation

Coulson Aviation will provide aerial firefighting support services to Argentina via an agreement with the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC).

The CDN $6.8 million-dollar government to government (G2G) contract between the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and Argentina’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MAyDS) will support the provision of aerial firefighting services.

Beginning in January 2023, one of Coulson’s CH-47 helitankers has been operating on a contract for a four-month period to meet Argentina’s aerial fire needs, ensuring quick response to large-scale wildfires. 

“The 10,000 liter capacity CH-47 is not only the largest payload commercially available helicopter, it’s also one of the fastest,” said Britton Coulson, President and COO, Coulson Aviation.

 “We have been operating this fleet type worldwide with excellent serviceability and look forward to demonstrating its capabilities to the Argentine Government.” 

This G2G contract comes as a result of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between CCC and MAyDS

It brings Canadian firefighting expertise and technology to Argentina and is financed by Argentina’s National Fire Management Program (Servicio Nacional del Manejo del Fuego – PNMF), which supports the monitoring, prevention and management of the country’s fire emergencies. 

“As a country with almost 362 million hectares of forests, Canada understands the importance of protecting this valuable natural resource and stands ready to share firefighting expertise and technology with Argentina,” said Reid Sirrs, Canadian Ambassador to Argentina

CCC is Canada’s government to government contracting agency. Through CCC’s International Prime Contractor service, the Government of Canada brings qualified Canadian companies to meet the needs of government buyers around the world.

Every G2G contract has the legal effect of being signed in the name of the Government of Canada and comes with an assurance of contract performance. 

In September 2019, Coulson, in partnership with CCC, signed an agreement with the Bolivian government to supply its leading aerial firefighting support services.

It provided 18 crew members along with three helicopters, including two Sikorsky S-61 helicopters and a custom Chinook CH-47D.

Coulson became the first Canadian company to send aircraft and their crews to combat fires in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest. 

“For over 75 years, our government to government contracting approach has connected qualified Canadian companies to government buyers around the world,” commented Wilson Pearce, Senior Director, Global Business Development Operations, Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC).

“We’re pleased to further this tradition by connecting Coulson Aviation and the government of Argentina through a G2G contract. 

About Coulson Aviation

Coulson Aviation is a global leader in aerial support operations. Throughout the company’s 60+ years as an organization, their stated mission has remained the same: to protect the world from forest fires.

The company’s organizational capabilities allow its teams to provide simultaneous aerial support across numerous continents.

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