Coulson Aviation receives ATO approval for aircraft structures training

Coulson Aviation staff with aircraft in hangar.
Photo Credit: Coulson Aviation

Coulson Aviation has received Transport Canada Approved Training Organization (ATO) approval, making it the first aviation company approved to provide training in aircraft structures and one of 20 ATOs across Canada.

Coulson’s ATO allows the company to train students toward their aircraft maintenance engineer – structures (AME-S) licence at no cost to the student.

Coulson ATO Approval

British Columbia-based Coulson Aviation, has marked off an achievement by becoming the first aviation company to garner Transport Canada Approved Training Organization (ATO) approval.

This also becomes a leading opportunity for aspiring aircraft maintenance engineers.

The company’s operations have included helicopter logging, forest fire suppression, power-line construction, airliner passenger, transport and many other industrial heavy lift operations.

Transport Canada’s endorsement of Coulson Aviation as an Approved Training Organization heralds a new era in aviation education.

With this approval, Coulson is empowered to offer comprehensive training in aircraft structures, a vital aspect of aviation maintenance. This recognition places Coulson as one of only 20 ATOs across Canada.


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A Coulson Aviation C130 Large Air Tanker
Photo Credit: Coulson Aviation

Accessible Training

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of Coulson’s ATO program is its accessibility. Unlike conventional training programs that burden students with hefty tuition fees, Coulson’s ATO operates on a unique model.

Students enrolled in the program incur no costs for their training, thanks to Coulson’s unwavering commitment to investing in the future of aviation.

Moreover, students have the rare privilege of earning while they learn, as they remain on Coulson’s payroll throughout their schooling.

Coulson’s Approach to Development

Coulson Aviation prides itself on its meticulous selection process for team members. The company seeks individuals who not only exhibit a fervent passion for aviation but also embody a positive attitude towards their work.

Through its ATO program, Coulson identifies promising candidates and invites them to embark on a transformative journey in aviation education.

What sets Coulson apart is its dedication to nurturing well-rounded technicians. Students undergo rigorous training, working alongside licensed professionals on real aircraft and projects, thus honing their skills and expertise.

Upon completion of the program, students are not just equipped with knowledge but also assured of a prosperous future.

Coulson guarantees full-time positions to every graduate, offering a streamlined pathway through apprenticeship to obtaining a full Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Structures (AME-S) license.

This commitment underscores the operator’s unwavering support for its employees’ career advancement, ensuring a sustainable and proficient workforce for the future.


Britton Coulson, President, and COO of Coulson Aviation, aptly summarizes the significance of this achievement. “This approval is a huge milestone and tremendously valuable to Coulson,” he remarks.

“It enables us to nurture, train, and educate hand-selected team members, thereby fostering a workforce of unparalleled excellence.”

Coulson’s emphasis on investing in its employees reflects its visionary approach towards maintaining industry leadership and innovation.

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