Conair Simulators Approved for Aerial Firefighting Training in World First

Inside a Conair MTS flight simulator.
Photo Credit: Conair
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Conair Group’s six flight training devices (FTDs) in its Mission Training System (MTS) platform are now certified to Level 4 by Transport Canada for aerial firefighting training.

The six FTDs are federated devices which allow aerial firefighting pilots the ability to train over the same wildfire at the same time, practicing in coordination to produce more effective, and safer, missions.

Fighting wildfires from airplanes requires accuracy, teamwork, and being ready. As wildfires get worse, it’s becoming more and more important to have advanced training systems.

Enter Conair Group’s Mission Training System (MTS), a revolutionary platform designed to redefine aerial fire fighting training.

Transport Canada’s recent certification of the MTS to Level 4 marks a significant development for the sector. This means it becomes the world’s first certified training system designed specifically for aerial fire fighting.

Operators control Conair aerial firefighting simulator

Aerial Firefighting and the Conair MTS

The MTS is a whole new way to train pilots for fighting fires from airplanes. It has six flight simulators that create a complete training program. The system acts out real world situations exactly, so pilots get the most realistic training possible.

These simulation devices enable pilots to engage in coordinated training exercises, fostering enhanced teamwork and efficacy in combating wildfires.

Certification Milestone: Level 4 Accreditation

Transport Canada’s certification of the MTS to Level 4 highlights it efficiency and reliability. This approval validates the MTS as a unique training solution, setting a new standard for excellence in aerial fire fighting preparedness.

Advantages of MTS Certification

The Level 4 certification brings forth numerous advantages for aerial operations:

  • Credit for Training: Pilots can now accrue training credits within the MTS, reducing the necessity for extensive in-aircraft training hours.
  • Enhanced Effectiveness: Multi-group simulator sessions facilitate more effective training, encouraging better coordination and strategy among fire fighting crews.
  • Efficiency Gains: The MTS enables more efficient training methods, offering pilots increased exposure to fire fighting scenarios within a safe and controlled environment.
A pilot conducts aerial firefighting training in  Conair simulator

Simulating Real-World Challenges

The MTS’s Level 4 approval involves specific approvals for various aircraft, including the Dash 8-400AT, RJ85, Cessna 208B, TC690, and two AT802 FTDs.

These tailored approvals ensure that training experiences are custom built for each aircraft type, boosting proficiency and pilot readiness.

Aerial firefighting presents a myriad of challenges, from adverse weather conditions to complex terrain.

The MTS addresses these challenges by providing a dynamic training environment that mimics real world scenarios with superior accuracy.

Complex Training Scenarios

Within the MTS, pilots confront a diverse array of challenges, including smoke, turbulence, terrain obstacles, and adverse weather conditions. These complex scenarios prepare pilots to handle the unpredictable nature of wildfire environments with confidence and skill.

High-Resolution Graphics

Not only does the MTS boast high resolution graphics, but it also offers a wide field of view. This combination provides pilots with stunning simulations that mirror real world fire fighting scenarios.

With fire behavior dynamically responding to environmental factors, pilots gain invaluable experience in navigating complex fire fighting situations with precision and efficacy.

Expanding Training Horizons

Conceived in 2017, the MTS stands as a testament to Conair’s commitment to innovation in aerial fire fighting.

With plans for global expansion, the MTS promises to revolutionize firefighting training on a global scale.

The move will empower fire fighting agencies worldwide to confront wildfires with unparalleled expertise and preparedness.

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In a world first, Conair Group has gained approval to use its 6 Mission Training System simulators for aerial firefighting training.
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