Comlux celebrates successful delivery of third ACJ TwoTwenty

An ACJ TwoTwenty jet on the runway.
Photo Credit: Comlux

One of the most successful leaders of business aviation completion firms announces the handover of the third-ever ACJ TwoTwenty from Airbus to Comlux’s state-of-the-art completion center in Indianapolis. 

This significant milestone is one of the company’s most incredible and successful history, highlighting its achievement in craftsmanship and aircraft re-delivery. 

The ACJ boasts one of the most technologically advanced aircraft cabins in the industry, and Comlux is an expert in integrating such technologies into green aircraft.

This handover project marks the third-ever collaboration between Comlux and Airbus for the ACJ TwoTwenty. This project stems from the partnership between Comlux and Airbus

Comlux Indianapolis Completion Centre 

The Comlux Completion Centre is well known throughout the industry. It is renowned for its world-class facilities and armed with skilled and talented employees, who remain loyal, and capable and take center stage in Comlux’s innovation and success stories. 

With the company being an exclusive partner of Airbus for the ACJ TwoTwenty cabin, Comlux proudly upholds and maintains its capability to respond to its client’s requirements, which are typically, customized, extremely hi-tech, and sophisticated. 


This makes the ACJ TwoTwenty one of the most high-tech interior cabins ever in its class. It makes the aircraft unmatched by other players in the market. 

Importantly the ACJ offers an attractive price point, with value for money on par with that of any conventional business jets. 

Arnaud Martin, CEO of Comlux 2Twenty Ltd stated optimistically about the completion business: “After the first delivered ACJ TwoTwenty from our Completion Centre in Indianapolis earlier this year, we are starting the ramp-up in our production to satisfy the customer demand for this fantastic product.”

“We target between 4 and 6 ACJ TwoTwenties in the coming years from Comlux Completion in Indianapolis,” he said.

Bright Future Ahead

Comlux Completion is delighted to share its venture and collaboration with Airbus. Both companies are already gearing up for the fourth ACJ TwoTwenty, which is already on track for delivery in the upcoming future. 

With the synergy between Comlux and Airbus going strong, it is evident that Comlux is a trusted and well-established player in the industry, who knows no boundaries in pushing the limits of innovation and technology without compromising safety. 

Other Relationships

Comlux has a longstanding relationship with all major OEMs, including Airbus and Boeing. These OEMs work with Comlux in the completion of their airframes, and also many other business activities. This includes a service center and charter for operators. 

With longstanding and strong relationships between operators and OEMs, this catapults Comlux into the forefront of private jet travel and business aviation completion and innovation. 

Comlux is a Swiss-based company and is one of the industry’s leading in terms of the charter, aircraft transaction, and completion services. 

The company has been running successfully for over 2 decades and has tailored-made aircraft for its VVIP customers, who are looking for aircraft customization and tailored management for their aviation needs.

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By Indy Udol 4 Min Read
4 Min Read
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