California’s Air Cahana places 250 engine order with ZeroAvia

Render of a ZeroAvia powered Air Cahana turboprop aircraft in flight.
Image Credit: ZeroAvia

ZeroAvia has announced a new partnership with Air Cahana, a pioneering airline committed to decarbonizing aviation.

The collaboration aims to introduce 250 hydrogen-electric ZA2000 engines, developed by ZeroAvia, to power Air Cahana’s fleet and establish sustainable regional air service in California and the West Coast of the United States.

Air Cahana, based in Los Angeles, is the first airline dedicated to driving sustainable flight and reducing carbon emissions in the industry.

Transition to zero-emission technology

The airline plans to initiate its journey towards sustainability by adopting Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and gradually transitioning to zero-emission propulsion technology as it becomes available in the market.

ZeroAvia’s zero-emission propulsion systems for turboprop aircraft will play a vital role in achieving Air Cahana’s mission of ushering in a new era of clean flight.

The innovative powertrain developed by ZeroAvia utilizes hydrogen fuel in fuel cells to generate electricity, which in turn powers electric motors for aircraft propulsion.

This cutting-edge technology enables flights with effectively zero emissions, offering a significant step forward in reducing the carbon footprint of the aviation sector.


As part of the partnership, ZeroAvia and Air Cahana will work closely together to determine the optimal roll-out strategy for hydrogen-electric aircraft.

This collaboration enhances the prospects of introducing zero-emission commercial flights between metropolitan areas on the West Coast of the U.S. and beyond within the next five years. Such advancements hold great promise for the future of sustainable air travel.

Partnership comments

James Peck, Chief Customer Officer at ZeroAvia, expressed confidence in Air Cahana’s potential, stating:

“Launching a new airline is not a small challenge, but Air Cahana has an enormous advantage and can unlock a new market by being the earliest to realize the enormous operating savings and zero-emissions benefits of hydrogen-electric engines.”

Tony Thompson, the CEO of Air Cahana, emphasized the significance of embracing hydrogen technology and the commitment to reducing airline emissions and operating costs.

Thompson highlighted the partnership with ZeroAvia as a perfect alliance, leveraging their extensive flight testing and in-house intellectual property to achieve their shared vision of revolutionizing the aviation industry.

Together, they aspire to set new standards for a greener sky and deliver an unparalleled passenger experience, positioning Air Cahana as a frontrunner in becoming the cleanest airline in the sky.

ZeroAvia hydrogen-electric system

ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric system, designed for 40–80 seat aircraft, is set to undergo testing on a 76-seat Dash 8-400. The company aims to certify the technology for use with regional travel airlines like Air Cahana as early as 2027.

 ZeroAvia has made significant strides in advancing its electric motor technology and fuel cell power generation, paving the way for a sustainable future in aviation.

The partnership between ZeroAvia and Air Cahana marks a pivotal moment for both operators. By harnessing the power of hydrogen and zero-emission propulsion systems, they are poised to revolutionize sustainable regional air service.

With their shared commitment to reducing carbon emissions, eliminating airline pollution, and enhancing the passenger experience, ZeroAvia and Air Cahana are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable sky.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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