CAA launches independent review into NATS technical issue

UK Air Traffic Controllers at monitors.
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On August 28th, National Air Traffic Services (NATS) encountered a critical technical issue. This unforeseen incident led to countless flight delays and cancellations, significantly impacting passengers, airlines, and airports.

In response to this disruption, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has launched an independent review to comprehensively assess the causes, response, management, and lessons to be learned for the future.

Review of August 28 NATS Incident

On Monday 28 August, NATS encountered a technical issue that temporarily affected air traffic control services that saw many hundreds of flights delayed and cancelled.

To spearhead the review, the UK Civil Aviation Authority has appointed Mr. Jeff Halliwell, a seasoned executive with extensive experience in both the business and public sectors.

Mr. Halliwell’s impressive track record includes roles as a chief executive and non-executive director. His past leadership positions include chairing the slot coordinator, Airport Coordination Limited, and the Heathrow Consumer Challenge Board. Notably, he recently concluded his tenure as Chair of Transport Focus.


Independent Review Panel

Jeff Halliwell won’t be navigating this review alone; he will be supported by two distinguished panel members who will play a pivotal role in shaping the final report findings and any recommendations that emerge from this exhaustive investigation.

The independent review panel will meticulously scrutinize the following aspects:

Immediate Causes: The panel will delve deep into the root causes of the incident to ensure that similar occurrences are prevented in the future.

Incident Communication: Effective communication during crises is vital. The review will assess the communication strategies employed during the incident and the engagement with relevant stakeholders.

Resource and Resilience Arrangements: It’s imperative to evaluate NATS’ readiness and ability to respond to system failures and major incidents. The panel will assess the resources and resilience measures in place.

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Investment and Infrastructure: The broader considerations around NATS’ investment and infrastructure will be scrutinized to ascertain their adequacy and effectiveness.

NATS Performance and Incentives: Evaluating NATS’ performance metrics and incentives will provide insights into the organization’s functioning.

Impact on Consumers: The review will comprehensively analyze the impact of this incident on passengers and consumers, addressing their concerns and needs.

Aviation System Response: The aviation system’s overall response to the incident will be assessed, looking at both strengths and areas that need improvement.

Costs to Airlines and Airports: The financial impact of providing care, assistance, and re-routing services to affected consumers will be evaluated.

Taken at Manchester International UK

Final Report

The culmination of this review will be a comprehensive report, which will be submitted to the UK Civil Aviation Authority Board and the Secretary of State for Transport before being made public.

This report will provide a thorough analysis of the incident and offer valuable recommendations aimed at preventing such disruptions in the future.

CAA Comments

Rob Bishton, Joint-Interim Chief Executive at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, expressed the importance of this review, stating, “The events of the 28 August bank holiday had a significant impact on many passengers.”

“That’s why we’ve launched this independent review to understand what happened and learn lessons for the future.”

“We have appointed Jeff Halliwell, who will be supported by two further panel members, to bring a range of expertise to help determine and consider any recommendations to benefit both consumers and the wider aviation industry.”

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has provided complete transparency by sharing the terms of reference for the review on their official website. This ensures that stakeholders and the public can track the progress and intentions of this inquiry.

Jeff Halliwell’s Perspective

Chair of the independent review panel, Jeff Halliwell, emphasized the need for lessons to be learned from this incident, stating, “This event had a significant impact on many passengers, businesses, and the aviation industry, and it is clear lessons need to be learnt.”

“I am looking forward to working with industry and passengers to tackle this review to understand how the incident occurred, how it was managed, and identify any recommendations.”

To ensure a comprehensive and holistic perspective, the review panel will actively engage with a wide range of stakeholders.

This inclusive approach will help in gathering diverse insights and opinions, ultimately leading to a more thorough and effective review.

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