Buffalo Airways adds Boeing 737-300SF freighter at YEG

A Buffalo Airways 737 cargo freighter in the hangar.
Photo Credit: Edmonton International Airport

Buffalo Airways has announced its latest expansion milestone at Edmonton International Airport (YEG). 

The carrier will operate the first and only dedicated cargo-only/freighter route between YEG and Yellowknife with a customized Boeing 737-300SF “Special Freighter.”

A Dedicated Cargo Route

The carrier’s announcement marks a significant milestone – the launch of the first and exclusive cargo-only/freighter route connecting YEG to Yellowknife.

The dedicated cargo route on the Boeing 737 freighter service is scheduled to operate from Monday through Friday, ensuring a consistent and reliable flow of goods.

Its primary objective is to facilitate the swift delivery of vital commodities, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare supplies, food and beverages, time-sensitive automotive parts, and various manufactured goods, all of which play a pivotal role in sustaining our communities.

Mikey McBryan, the General Manager of Buffalo Airways, expresses his anticipation for the arrival of this game-changing aircraft, which has been in the making for two years.

He acknowledges the substantial impact it will undoubtedly have on their operations. Such enthusiasm speaks volumes about the potential this venture holds.


Exterior view of Edmonton International Airport
Photo Credit: Edmonton International Airport

Strengthening Edmonton’s Cargo Network

The introduction of this dedicated 737 freighter service between Edmonton and Yellowknife is not merely a local development but a significant enhancement to YEG’s broader cargo network.

It solidifies YEG’s status as a vital hub for the seamless movement of goods to and from locations across the globe, specifically into Canada’s Northern regions.

Myron Keehn, the President and CEO of Edmonton International Airport, welcomes this new service in partnership with Buffalo Airways.

He emphasizes its critical role in bridging geographical gaps and improving connectivity among regions. This development is expected to have a profoundly positive impact on the residents of Northern Canada.

By enhancing the supply chain to and from Northern communities, it promises access to affordable essential goods, a vital lifeline for the people of the North.

Buffalo Airways & Northern Transportation

Buffalo Airways has a long-standing reputation for ensuring the prompt and reliable transportation of priority freight to Northern Canada.

Historically, these essential goods followed a complex route, being transported by road to Hay River before finally reaching Yellowknife via air.

However, this existing system faces substantial challenges due to growing customer demands. It has reached its maximum capacity, with constraints on both available space and time efficiency.

Buffalo Airways, renowned for its innovative solutions, has stepped up to address these challenges head-on.

New Era of Freight Services

With the addition of the Boeing 737-300SF “Special Freighter” to its fleet, Buffalo Airways is poised to set a new benchmark in overnight freight services for the region.

This state-of-the-art aircraft comes equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring efficient cargo handling and delivery. The implications of this expansion are significant, promising faster, more reliable, and cost-effective transportation solutions for Northern Canada.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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