Bristow named preferred bidder for Irish Coast Guard Aviation Service

An Irish Coast Guard Sikorsky helicopter prepares for takeoff.
Riatsnapper at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bristow Ireland Ltd., a subsidiary of Bristow Group Inc., has been announced by the Irish Department of Transport as the preferred bidder for the next Irish Coast Guard (IRCG) search & rescue aviation (SAR) contract.

Following the announcement by the Irish Coast Guard on May 30 2023, Alan Corbett, Bristow’s Chief Operating Officer, Government Services, said:

“We are honoured the Irish Department of Transport has confirmed Bristow Ireland as the preferred bidder for the provision of the Irish Coast Guard Aviation Service.

“We will continue working closely with the Irish Department of Transport to finalise contracts and look forward to integrating our significant global experience and capabilities into this critical public service.”

The contract will provide for the day and night-time operation of four helicopter bases in Sligo, Shannon, Waterford and Dublin. In addition to the helicopter service, the new Coast Guard aviation service will, for the first time, also include a fixed wing aircraft element.

About the IRCG

The Irish Coast Guard Aviation Service (IRCG) is a critical public service that provides search and rescue (SAR), medical evacuation (MedEvac), and other aviation services to the Irish Coast Guard.

The IRCG operates a fleet of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft from four bases located in Sligo, Shannon, Waterford, and Dublin.

Photo Credit: Miguel Mendez from Malahide, Ireland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The IRCG was established in 1991 and has since responded to over 10,000 SAR incidents. The service has a dedicated team of pilots, aircrew, and technical staff who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The IRCG is equipped with a fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft that are capable of operating in a variety of weather conditions. The service’s helicopters are equipped with hoists and winches that allow them to rescue people from difficult-to-access locations.

The IRCG’s fixed-wing aircraft are equipped with night vision and radar systems that allow them to operate in low-light conditions.

The IRCG is a vital part of the Irish Coast Guard’s mission to save lives at sea. The service’s quick response and skilled aircrew have helped to save countless lives over the years.

About Bristow Group

Bristow Group Inc. is the leading global provider of innovative and sustainable vertical flight solutions. Bristow primarily provides aviation services to a broad base of offshore energy companies and government entities.

The Company’s aviation services include personnel transportation, search and rescue (SAR), medevac, fixed wing transportation, unmanned systems and ad-hoc helicopter services.

Bristow currently has customers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, the Dutch Caribbean, the Falkland Islands, Guyana, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Spain, Suriname, Trinidad, the U.K., and the U.S.

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