BETA Technologies pioneers electric aviation chargers in Mississippi

A BETA Technoligies electric aircraft charges at Golden Triangle Regional Airport, MS.
Photo Credit: BETA Technologies
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This week, BETA Technologies flew its all-electric ALIA aircraft into Golden Triangle Regional Airport, MS, conducting the inaugural charge on the newly commissioned airside charger.

Golden Triangle Regional Airport (GTR) has partnered with BETA, an electric aerospace company based in Burlington, Vermont, and Avflight, a global fixed-base operator, to install and commission the first-ever electric aviation charging station in the state of Mississippi.

Universal Accessibility

Golden Triangle Regional Airport, in collaboration with BETA Technologies and Avflight, a global fixed-base operator, has negotiated the installation and commissioning of the first electric aviation charging station.

The partnership positions Mississippi at the forefront of technological advancement in air travel infrastructure.

BETA’s charging stations are engineered to be multimodal and interoperable, catering to both electric aircraft and ground vehicles.

With a design based on the combined charging system standard, these chargers ensure compatibility and universal accessibility, serving the diverse needs of patrons at Avflight and GTR.

This forward-thinking approach emphasizes inclusivity and convenience in electric transportation solutions.


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Empowering Future Growth

The introduction of electric aviation charging infrastructure at GTR represents a significant leap forward in advancing the region’s aviation ecosystem.

Executive Director Matt Dowell expressed enthusiasm for the project, saying: “This new installation is a significant step toward advancing the airport and region’s aviation infrastructure and supporting the growth of electric aircraft technology.”

 Joe Max Higgins, Executive Director of the Golden Triangle Development LINK, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the region’s commitment to driving economic development through technological innovation.

“BETA’s decision to place the state’s first electric charging station for aircraft at the Golden Triangle Regional Airport is an indication that we are bringing leading technology to our state,” Higgins said.

GTR’s installation of Level 3 Fast-Chargers for electric aircraft and Level 2 Chargers for public use signals a strategic investment in the future of transportation.

As electric transportation gains momentum, the importance of charging infrastructure cannot be overstated.

A BETA Technologies eVTOL aircraft hovers.
Photo Credits: BETA Technologies

Nate Ward, BETA’s Head of Network Development, emphasized the critical role of charging infrastructure in advancing connectivity and facilitating the widespread adoption of electric aviation technology.

Avflight’s Vice President of Finance and Treasurer, Garrett Hain, underscored the environmental and community benefits of sustainable energy initiatives.

By providing fast commercial charging stations and dual-port electric vehicle chargers, Avflight aims to support a wide range of sustainably-powered vehicles, including BETA’s innovative ALIA-250 Aircraft.

Celebrating Innovation at GTR

To commemorate this milestone achievement, GTR recently hosted a commissioning event attended by representatives from GTR, BETA, and Avflight.

The event culminated in the inaugural airside charge of BETA’s ALIA aircraft, symbolizing a new era of electric aviation in Mississippi.

The collaboration between industry leaders and local stakeholders underscores a shared vision for sustainable progress and technological innovation.

The success of this project is a testament to the collaborative efforts of various entities, including Mississippi State University.

Through partnerships with institutions like MSU’s Raspet Flight Research Laboratory, BETA aims to push the boundaries of modern aviation and advance aviation research.

The strategic location of BETA’s charging facility near MSU promises expanded opportunities for collaboration and innovation in aviation technology.


BETA’s initiative to establish electric infrastructure extends beyond Mississippi, forming part of a growing national network of charging stations.

With chargers commissioned across multiple states and partnerships with key stakeholders, BETA is driving the transition towards sustainable aviation on a national scale.

The expansion of charging infrastructure underscores a commitment to advancing electric aviation technology across commercial, military, and medical sectors.

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This week, BETA Technologies flew its all-electric ALIA aircraft into Golden Triangle Regional Airport MS, inaugurating the first airside charger.
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