BAR Aviation takes flight for wildlife conservation

A BAR Aviation Hercules aircraft parked at the hangar in Uganda.
Photo Credit: BAR Aviation

Furthering its ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, Uganda-based BAR Aviation has unveiled its latest initiative: the collaring of elephants for comprehensive tracking, research, and ultimately, their long-term protection.

This environmental project further reinforces BAR Aviation’s position of integrating aviation services with wildlife conservation, and is also suggestive of the operator’s dedication to building a sustainable future.

Merging Aviation and Conservation

Through the implementation of elephant collaring, BAR Aviation actively participates in wildlife monitoring and conservation efforts.

These collars provide scientists and conservationists with invaluable data on migration patterns, health, and potential threats faced by these majestic creatures.

This initiative underscores a profound understanding that safeguarding wildlife is not just about protecting individual species, but about preserving biodiversity and ensuring the overall health and resilience of ecosystems worldwide.

The operator has previously engaged in the transportation of endangered wildlife for breeding and conservation purposes.


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Recent Conservation Initiative

A recent airlift of black rhinos to support endangered species repopulation typifies BAR Aviation’s ethic of blending aviation services with nature conservation imperatives.

In December 2023, BAR successfully transported five black rhinos from Limpopo, South Africa, had stops in Zambia and Burundi, and then to Zakouma, Chad for purposes of repopulating Zakouma National Park.

The uplift was carried out using the operator’s L100-30 Super Hercules heavy cargo aircraft.

A BAR Aviation aircraft is loaded with a shipment of black rhinos.
Photo Credits: BAR Aviation

“At BAR Aviation,” states Dorothy Kagaba, Head of Business Development, “we have always strived for more than just excellence in aviation. Our commitment to the environment is as unwavering as our dedication to exceptional service.”

“By pioneering the use of our flights to safeguard wildlife, we are not simply flying, we are soaring towards a more sustainable future.”

Beyond its support for wildlife and conservation, BAR Aviation is already well established as a prominent player in the regional aviation sector.

Offering a diverse range of services, including premier private jet charters, scheduled domestic flights, Medevac and helicopter services, the company has garnered widespread recognition.


BAR Aviation’s journey serves as a call to action for all stakeholders within the aviation industry and beyond.

It challenges us to re-evaluate the impact of our operations on the natural world and adopt innovative solutions that promote environmental sustainability.

With its recent initiative, BAR Aviation furthers its vision for a future where aviation and environmental conservation go hand in hand, leaving a legacy of positive impact and serving as a blueprint for future generations.

In a recent statement, the operator extended a board invitation to everyone – from industry partners to individual enthusiasts – to join them in embracing and supporting these conservation efforts.

“Together, we can make a difference, proving that when it comes to protecting our planet, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning,” said BAR Aviation.

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