AVEM AERO: Free online event for air cargo charter brokers and operators

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Cooperation between air cargo brokers and operators is always a tug-of-war, with everyone trying to defend their interests.

Due to a lack of understanding of the processes on each side, additional costs appear, along with technical problems, low profits, and most importantly, the overall mission becomes more difficult to perform.

Free On-line Event

The upcoming online event “Mastering Effective Urgent Air Cargo Charters. Theory and Practice for Brokers and Logistics Specialists” is aimed to facilitate the way professionals in the aviation and logistics sectors approach urgent charters.

In celebration of AVEM AERO’s 5th anniversary, this dynamic event is set to revolutionize how aviation and logistics experts tackle time-critical charters.

 It is designed for a wide range of industry players, from experienced logistics experts to aspiring brokers eager to establish their unique market presence.

“We work in a business with very short time intervals. Most of the time our plane takes of within 2 hours after booking. That’s why a high degree of communication is desirable due to quick turnaround,” says Nikolay Kurbanov, Managing Director at AVEM AERO.

“My philosophy is that the current system where the operator does business with the broker and the broker deals with the client is of benefit to all. To make it happen we need to know exactly how to be effective on both sides.”

“One of the most significant challenges in our market is that each business works in silo. They each have their own processes and ways of working that don’t match their suppliers and clients. This creates process inefficiencies across the market,” observes Simon Watson, Director & Co-Founder of CharterSync.

“Coupled with the use of traditional communication, it means that it can become difficult to connect and to streamline and optimise workflow. Technology can be very effective at automating repetitive tasks which, in turn, results in greater operational efficiency.”

The event agenda seeks to provide attendees with practical insights on how to improve the results of urgent missions, raise the margins due to effective time and resources management, get more from communication with operators, handling companies, and civil aviation authorities.

“The urgent air charter niche is a small world. So it may be difficult for the new entrants into the market lacking experience and relationships, causing communication difficulties in the whole supply chain” says Nicolas Janssen, Operational Director at ZEUS.aero.

“But the more steady brokers like the big ones go on, it’s becoming a friendly relationship again,” Janssen adds.

Professional insights

It provides an opportunity to get insights from professionals in the urgent air cargo charter market with 10+ years of experience:

●   Nikolay Kurbanov, Managing Director at AVEM AERO, 15 years in urgent air cargo charters

●   Caroline Werf, CEO at Air Charter Service Germany

●   Simon Watson, Director and Co-Founder of CharterSync

●   Nicolas Janssen, Operational Director at ZEUS.aero, handling services

●   Daniil Vasylkov, Sales Manager at AVEM AERO, 800 urgent charters performed

●   Olesia Samoilenko, Head of OCC at AVEM AERO, trainer at Aviation Flight Academy

Air Cargo Seminar Booking

The seminar offers actionable strategies, real-world scenarios, and networking opportunities within the aviation and logistics community.

The detailed event program is available at this link. Participation is free of charge upon prior registration.

Date: October 10th, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM UTC

Registration: https://www.avem.aero/seminar

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