Archer Aviation’s Midnight aircraft named Transportation Design of the Year

An Archer Aviation Midnight eVTOL aircraft on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Archer Aviation

Archer Aviation Inc. (NYSE: ACHR), a leader in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, today announced its Midnight aircraft has been recognized by the MUSE Design Awards as the “Transportation Design of the Year”.

The MUSE Design Awards celebrates and honors the world’s best in design and innovation.

This recognition points out the exceptional design prowess of Archer but also the innovative strides the company has been making in the realm of advanced air mobility.

A Stellar Design Team

Archer’s ascendancy in the eVTOL sector has been supported by an exceptional team of design professionals.

 spearheaded by visionaries such as Julien Montousse, the former Head of Design at Mazda North America, Niki Smart, a trailblazer in reshaping Cadillac vehicle design at General Motors, and Greg Warmsley, the former Executive Creative Director at Mazda.


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Together, they shattered the boundaries of aerospace design with the Midnight aircraft, aiming to actualize a future where the skies are within reach.

Promoting Freedom of Movement

“Midnight is poised to unlock freedom of movement within and around cities on an entirely new level,” expressed Montousse.

The focus of Archer’s design team was not merely on creating an aircraft but on curating a travel experience that transcends conventional norms. Montousse added, “Our design team focused on creating a travel experience that will enrich people’s lives through an inspiring future Archer world.”

In the course of designing an eVTOL aircraft, Archer faced a unique challenge. Unlike the automotive industry, where the outer shell can be crafted independently, the eVTOL aircraft demands a collaborative effort.

The entire aircraft had to be a seamless integration of design, engineering, and industrial expertise to meet stringent aerodynamic and weight requirements essential for optimal performance.

Photo Credits: Archer Aviation

Fusing Form and Function

“When setting out to design Midnight, we focused on creating a powerful aircraft design that forged an emotional connection between passenger and aircraft,” Montousse explained.

The result is a fusion of high function and high emotion. Midnight delivers a travel experience that goes beyond mere transportation.

The aircraft’s design, from its captivating exterior to the awe-inspiring aerial views it provides, establishes an unparalleled connection with the world, instilling a sense of inspiration that is truly unique.

MUSE Design Awards

The MUSE Design Awards, an international design competition, stands as a testament to Archer’s commitment to excellence.

This platform not only recognizes outstanding design but also inspires others to raise the bar in the design world.

Archer’s Midnight aircraft, with its groundbreaking design, has rightfully claimed the title of “Transportation Design of the Year” amid stiff global competition.

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