Archer Aviations gains FAA Part 145 maintenance certification

An Archer Aviation Midnight eVTOL aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: Archer Aviation

Electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developer Archer Aviation Inc. (NYSE: ACHR), has now received its Part 145 maintenance certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Under FAA regulations, Archer is now authorized to perform specialized aircraft repair services , and furthers its progress towards eVTOL commercial flight operations.

The FAA grant of Part 145 certification effectively endorses Archer’s capability to deliver specialized aircraft repair services while upholding required levels of safety and compliance.

Adam Goldstein, Founder and CEO of Archer, lauded the achievement as a major vote of confidence in the company’s vision and its potential to revolutionize the new field of full-scale urban air mobility.

“As we continue to rapidly advance towards commercial operations, we will be working closely with the FAA and regulators around the world to ensure Archer’s aircraft are safe and ready to transform mobility, providing a sustainable, low noise, and cost competitive alternative to decongest our biggest cities,” said Goldstein

Archer Aviation Midnight eVTOL aircraft hovering.
Photo Credit: Kevin Chang


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Gateway to Commercial Operations

For Archer, the Part 145 certification represents a pivotal step towards the realization of its ambitious goal – the transformation of urban travel.

The FAA’s Part 145 certification is essential for commercial aviation operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), authorizing them to conduct specific maintenance and repair tasks on crucial aircraft components such as airframes.

With the green light from the FAA, Archer is now set to advance towards the deployment of its electric air taxi fleet, offering commuters a swift, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional ground transportation.

An Archer Aviation eVTOL aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: Archer Aviation

Redefining Urban Travel

Archer’s vision extends far beyond the confines of conventional commuting. By leveraging cutting-edge eVTOL technology, the company seeks to redefine the urban travel experience, slashing commute times from hours to mere minutes.

Archer’s stated goal is to transform urban travel, replacing 60–90-minute commutes by car with estimated 10-20 minute electric air taxi flights that are safe, sustainable, low noise, and cost-competitive with ground transportation. 

The Archer Midnight, a state-of-the-art, four-passenger aircraft, is designed to facilitate rapid back-to-back flights with minimal charging time between flights.

About Archer

Archer is designing and developing electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for use in urban air mobility networks.

Archer’s mission is to unlock the skies, freeing everyone to reimagine how they move and spend time. The company’s team is based in Santa Clara, CA.

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