Archer Aviation announces 3 conforming Midnight aircraft now under construction

An Archer Aviation Midnight aircraft in the hangar.
Photo Credit: Archer Aviation

Archer Aviation Inc. announced it is well underway in constructing the company’s first three conforming Midnight aircraft, with the first aircraft set to begin final assembly in the coming weeks.

Archer’s initial fleet of piloted aircraft will begin piloted flight testing later this year, and subsequently be used in “for credit” flight testing with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as the company progresses towards commercialization.

Setting the Stage for Flight

With the eVTOL aircraft manufacturer’s first three conforming Midnight aircraft well underway, Archer changed up a gear in its path to eVTOL commercialization.

Archer’s ambitious endeavor is steadily taking shape with the initiation of final assembly for the first Midnight aircraft now slated to begin in the upcoming weeks.

Key components and systems of the three piloted Midnight aircraft under construction will conform to the intended type design for FAA certification.

Component manufacturing is now well underway, and final assembly is on track to begin in the company’s manufacturing facility in San Jose, California.

This marks a pivotal moment as the company progresses towards its goal of transforming urban commute dynamics.


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Archer Aviation Midnight eVTOL aircraft hovering.
Photo Credit: Kevin Chang

Testing and Certification

The journey towards commercialization for Archer’s initial fleet will then move toward further flight testing in preparation for accreditation.

Scheduled piloted flight testing, set to commence later this year, will pave the way for “for credit” flight testing alongside the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Archer Aviation CEO Comments

Archer’s founder and CEO, Adam Goldstein, exudes confidence in the company’s trajectory towards FAA certification.

“The key to achieving FAA certification is flying a conforming aircraft. I believe we are positioned to be the first in the sector to do so.” said Goldstein.

An Archer Aviation Midnight eVTOL aircraft on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Archer Aviation

 “From day one, Archer’s strategy has been to build an aircraft that is certifiable and manufacturable at scale. This focus is what has allowed us to move quicker and more efficiently than any other company in the industry over the last few years.”

Archer Aviation: Transforming Urban Travel

At the heart of Archer’s mission lies the aspiration to revolutionize urban travel. By offering swift and sustainable alternatives to conventional commuting, Archer aims to reduce travel time significantly.

The manufacturer envisions replacing 60–90-minute commutes by car with estimated 10-20 minute flights that are safe, sustainable, low noise, and cost-competitive with ground transportation.

Archer’s Midnight is a piloted, four-passenger aircraft designed to perform rapid back-to-back flights with minimal charge time between flights.

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