321 Precision Conversions gains EASA approval for A321-200PCF

A 321 Precision Conversions A321-200PCF freighter.
Photo Credit: 321 Precision Conversions

321 Precision Conversions has gained approval for its A321-200 freighter conversion (A321-200PCF) by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

This EU regulatory achievement, marked by EASA Supplemental Type Certificate STC 10083629, solidifies the Precision design and premits operations of the A321-200 freighter on vital European routes.

FAA STC ST02716SE & EASA STC 10083629

Gary Warner, the president of 321 Precision Conversions, expresses his satisfaction with the regulatory achievement, stating, “We are proud to announce EASA has determined that our A321-200PCF met stringent EASA certification standards and has issued EASA STC 10083629.”

“This approval provides European customers with the right cargo conversion option for the popular A321-200 freighter.”

Photo Credit: 321 Precision Conversions

Chinese and Malaysian Authority Approvals

321 Precision Conversions has already secured approvals from Chinese and Malaysian aviation authorities for its FAA STC.

This international recognition furthers the company’s commitment to delivering the top-tier aircraft conversions across the globe.


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A321-200PCF: Redefining Efficiency and Capability

The A321-200PCF freighter conversion stands tall by exceeding all expectations. With an impressive (14) A-Code 88 x 125-inch main deck positions and (10) ULD positions in the lower hold, this conversion sets a new standard in cargo capacity.

What makes it truly groundbreaking is its approach to efficiency—rather than demanding costly weight upgrades, the A321-200PCF enhances its capability by reducing the operating empty weight (OEW). T

his unique feature not only contributes to a lower fuel burn but also leads to a reduced carbon footprint and a higher standard payload.

Thrust Options: Certified for V2500 and CFM Engines

Flexibility is key, and the A321-200PCF freighter conversion lives up to that principle. The conversion is certified for V2500 and CFM engines with multiple thrust ratings, ensuring compatibility with diverse operational needs.

This adaptability reinforces its position as the preferred choice for cargo operators worldwide.

Precision Aircraft Solutions & Aircraft Transport Services Group

Behind the success of the A321-200PCF stands a powerful partnership—321 Precision Conversions, a joint venture between Aircraft Transport Services Group and Precision Aircraft Solutions.

With a legacy of industry-leading conversions, Precision Aircraft Solutions has set global standards, continuing its excellence from B757-200 conversions to the groundbreaking A321-200 freighter conversion.

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