10 Hydrogen VTOL Jets Planned For Bali

Render of a Sirius VTOL jet flying over cloud
Image Credit: Sirius Aviation

Visionary Swiss aerospace leader Sirius Aviation AG joins forces with prominent Indonesian developer PARQ Development.

Their new initiative aims to bring hydrogen-powered VTOL jet travel to Bali and its host of neighboring islands.

This new partnership valued at $50 million signifies a giant leap forward for travel and tourism in the idyllic paradise of Bali, Indonesia.

10 VTOL Jets Planned for Deployment

The agreement centers on the deployment of ten state-of-the-art hydrogen-powered vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) jets.

This includes five Sirius Millennium Jets and five Sirius Business Jets, heralding a new era of eco-friendly travel for Bali and its neighboring islands.

Bali, the “Island of the Gods,” has long captivated travelers with its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and spiritual significance.

From the majestic volcanic peaks to the emerald rice paddies and pristine beaches, Bali offers a haven of natural beauty. This partnership between Sirius Aviation AG and PARQ Development ushers in a new era for Bali’s tourism industry.

Sirius Aviation AG and PARQ Development Join Forces, Bringing 10 Hydrogen VTOL Jets to Bali

The introduction of hydrogen-powered VTOL aircrafts will redefine luxury travel in Bali. Imagine soaring over the island’s dramatic coastline, taking in breathtaking aerial views before landing gently at hidden coves or exclusive resorts.

This innovative transportation eliminates noise pollution and carbon emissions, ensuring that future generations can continue to experience Bali’s magic in its pristine state.

PARQ Development’s commitment extends beyond luxury travel. By developing new tourist routes across Bali and the surrounding islands, this partnership unlocks hidden gems and promotes a more balanced distribution of tourism benefits.

Travelers can venture beyond the well-trodden path and discover the unspoiled beauty of the region, while local communities enjoy the economic boons that come with responsible tourism development.

Establishment of 5 Vertiports

This initiative extends beyond the innovative aircraft. Sirius Aviation AG will establish five vertiports and five hydrogen generators, forming a comprehensive infrastructure to facilitate seamless VTOL operations.

This not only enhances accessibility but also paves the way for eco-friendly tourism and economic growth throughout Indonesia.

The centerpiece of this collaboration is the Sirius Jet, the world’s first hydrogen-powered VTOL aircraft, producing zero emissions.

This aligns perfectly with PARQ Development’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability in the region.

Green High-Tech Tourism

“This partnership marks a pivotal moment for Bali and its surrounding islands,” said Alexey Popov, CEO of Sirius Aviation AG. “We are ushering in a new era defined by zero-emission tourism, sustainable development, and robust regional economic growth.”

“Together with PARQ’s expertise in route planning and exceptional support services, we are setting an unprecedented standard in the industry.”

PARQ Development will play a crucial role in crafting captivating new tourist routes and infrastructure.

This extends beyond Bali, encompassing the numerous surrounding islands, fostering economic development and introducing breathtaking new destinations for exploration.

Andre Frey, Founder of PARQ Development, echoed this sentiment, stating: “By joining forces with Sirius Aviation AG, we are crafting a transformative chapter in Bali tourism.”

“Imagine – zero carbon footprints in the skies, complemented by unforgettable experiences on the ground. Together, we are taking flight towards a cleaner, greener future.”

This partnership extends beyond innovative technology. In a groundbreaking move, Sirius Aviation AG, in collaboration with Swiss banks, has introduced a revolutionary leasing scheme for PARQ.

This program offers the VTOL jets, complete with crew, maintenance, and insurance, for a monthly lease of $65,000 over five years.

PARQ projects a potential monthly revenue of $180,000 through these routes. This leading initiative sets a new standard for the tourism industry and serves as a stepping stone for future collaborations.


This momentous partnership underscores the unwavering commitment of both Sirius Aviation AG and PARQ Development to championing eco-friendly aviation solutions.

The collaboration seamlessly integrates cutting-edge hydrogen-electric technology with meticulously planned routes and comprehensive support services.

This alliance promises to revolutionize travel in Bali and its surrounding islands, placing sustainable exploration at the forefront of the tourism industry.

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