AviationSource LTD Ethics Policy

The assets within AviationSource LTD are committed to not publishing personal attacks against individual people or companies across the plethora of industries that we cover. Within sensitive topics, objectivity remains a key priority for the company, with editorial bias to be omitted unless stated as an Op-Ed. 


All sources are fact-checked, and if the information is taken from another website, they are not to be plagiarised but will be credited to the original outlet, with our own analytical take on the particular issue at hand. As for press releases, they always come from official sources directly.


If information comes from anonymous sources or tipsters, they are to be fact-checked with official sources, such as the airline, airport, manufacturer, or other official entity. This is part of the establishment of responsibility as journalists to ensure the best practices are implemented. 


For image credit, we use either imagery provided by our team of photographers or by other members of the photography community. If we do not use images from our photography team, then we will seek to ask for consent image use before we proceed with the publication of any article. 


Any corrections or update requests are to be sent via the Contact Us form on the AviationSource News website.