Yakutia Airlines Superjet 100 makes emergency landing in Yakutsk

A Yakutia Airlines jet on the tarmac after an emergency landing in Yakutsk
Screenshot via Mash Twitter/X

A Russian Yakutia Airlines Sukhoi Superjet 100 on a flight from Harbin, China made an emergency landing in Yakutsk, in eastern Siberia after a fire warning indicated a problem in one of the aircraft’s cargo compartments on Monday this week.

As the Russian aviation sector continues to struggle amid spare parts and components shortages as a result of sanctions, the landing incident at the Russian city of Yakutsk becomes the latest in a string of recent events.

Yakutia Airlines flight Harbin – Yakutia

The aircraft, a Sukhoi Superjet 100 operated by the carrier Yakutia Airlines carried out an emergency landing at Yakutsk and subsequently disembarked passengers via emergency slides.

The aircraft, which was inbound on an international service from Harbin, China reportedly received a fire sensor indication from a cargo compartment, prompting the expedition of an emergency disembarkation.

Video footage via Mash Twitter/X

Video footage posted to social media shows the stationary aircraft with its forward cabin door emergency slide deployed. Passengers can be seen evacuating the aircraft across the tarmac area, with ground emergency assets deployed to the fore and aft of the aircraft.

It is understood that 30 passengers and a compliment of nine crew were aboard the Sukhoi aircraft on the flight concerned.


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About Yakutia Airlines

Yakutia Airlines is a Russian carrier based in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic. Founded in 2002, it operates domestic passenger services in Russia and within the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Internationally the carrier serves destinations in Europe, Asia, and North America from its hubs at Yakutsk Airport and Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport.

Owned by the government of the Republic of Sakha, the airline flies to over 40 destinations, including regional locations of Moscow, Khabarovsk, Neryungri, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, Deputatsky, Udachny, and Pevek.

The Sukhoi Superjet 100, now known as the SJ-100 after a recent rebranding under the Yakovlev name, is a regional jet carrying 87 to 98 passengers in a typical configuration.

Despite relatively advanced technology and competitive features, it has faced challenges in its short history, and its future remains uncertain due to the recent rebranding and the current geopolitical situation.

Ongoing Supply Issues

The sanctions imposed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 have significantly impacted the supply of aircraft parts and components, posing major challenges for both Russian airlines and the global aviation industry.

The most immediate impact is on Russian airlines, which heavily rely on Western aircraft and parts. The long-term impact of the sanctions on the Russian aviation industry is still uncertain.

Russia is attempting to develop its own domestic supply chain for aircraft parts, but this is likely to take years and may not be able to fully replace Western technology

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