Wiggins Airways Aircraft Crashes in Londonderry, New Hampshire

Wiggins Airways Aircraft Crashes in Londonderry, New Hampshire
Photo Credit: Wojtek Kmiecik via JetPhotos.com.

In the last hour or so, it has emerged that a Wiggin Airways Beechcraft C99 Commuter has crashed in Londonderry, New Hampshire, not long after departure from Manchester.

Wiggins Airways Aircraft Crashes in Londonderry, New Hampshire…

Wiggins Airways Aircraft Crashes in Londonderry, New Hampshire
Data provided by RadarBox.com.


Wiggins Airways flight WG1046 is a routine scheduled flight between Manchester, New Hampshire and Presque Isle, with the affected rotation that has reportedly crashed in Londonderry being operated by N53RP.

As per data from FlightAware, N53RP is a 42 year old Beechcraft C99 Commuter Aircraft that started out life back in 1982.

Ameriflight Inc out of Burbank took control of the aircraft in June 2006, before it was handed over to UAS TRANSERVICES INC, who provide the aircraft to Wiggins Airways, AviationSource understands.

What we do know so far is that flight WG1046 departed Manchester, New Hampshire at 0710 local time and initially climbed out in the direction of Presque Isle.

Minutes after departure, the aircraft vanished from the radar screens, with the last notable ADS-B data highlighting the drop in altitude that occurred prior to the vanishing.

Local fire crews in the area acknowledged the accident and stated that there was one occupant onboard the aircraft, who was rescued following the crash.

At this time, the status of the pilot in command is unknown as well as anyone else in the surrounding area.

Therefore, this remains a developing story at this time. As soon as more updates come in, then we will update accordingly via timestamps.

UPDATE #1 @ 1350 UK time – Reports indicate that the aircraft hit power lines, which ultimately caused the crash.

UPDATE #2 @ 1435 UK time – Photos from the scene.

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