United Airlines 787 London-Los Angeles Declares Emergency

Last week, a United Airlines Boeing 787 operating a flight between Los Angeles and Hong Kong made an emergency landing in San Francisco.

A United Airlines 787-9 bound for Los Angeles from London has declared an emergency not long after departure.

United flight UA935 declared an emergency with squawk code 7700 whilst still outbound over the United Kingdom.

The flight is currently making a return to London Heathrow Airport.

United UA935 London-Los Angeles

Flight track of United Airlines UA935 London to Los Angeles, showing return to London.

Flight UA935 initiated the turnaround whilst transiting the British midlands, and is now on return to London LHR, on descent through FL150 (15,000 feet).

We are still working to determine the reason for United flight UA935’s unexpected return to London LHR.

Weather for the United flight’s return to London is currently marginal VFR (MVFR). Conditions are 6 kilometres visibility, and cloud ceiling 1,000 feet with light winds. Active runway is RWY27 for arrivals.

Update 14:40 UTC

Having expedited a return, flight UA935 is now passing 3,000 feet and establishing for an approach to duty RWY27. The aircraft has maintained squawk code 7700 through the return procedure.

United flight UA935, a B787-9 originally heading for Los Angeles, has diverted to London LHR and is now in the process of clearing the runway.

The nature of the problem prompting the emergency return this afternoon is not yet known.

Flight data shows that the UA935 long haul service for LAX made a departure out of London Heathrow at 13:28 UTC (14:28 local time) this afternoon.

The flight had set course normally, before terminating the climb at FL200 (20,000 feet) before initiating a turnaround. The aircraft was over the British midlands when it altered course for London.

Flight crew then squawked transponder code 7700 at 14:19 UTC; just under an hour after the initial departure.

The reason for the United Airlines emergency declaration is not yet known.

The aircraft conducting today’s UA935 rotation is a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, registered N27958.

This is an 8.7-year old widebody aircraft belonging to the US carrier United Airlines. It has been in active service with the airline since its initial delivery in September 2015.

Update: Landing Gear Door Problem

From the online source Flight Emergency @FlightEmergency via X:
United flight UA935 returned to London (LHR) following an indication that a landing gear door was stuck in the open position.

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