United Airlines 767 London to Newark Declares Emergency

United 767 London to Newark Declares Emergency
John Taggart from Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In the last 20 minutes, a United Airlines Boeing 767 operating a flight to Newark from London has declared an emergency.

N663UA is the aircraft operating this flight currently.

Live updates are below.

UA921 – London to Newark: Live Updates…

United 767 London to Newark Declares Emergency
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3 months ago01/04/24


Welcome to our live coverage! Updates will follow shortly!

3 months ago01/04/24

Cruising Over Canada Still…

United Airlines flight UA921 from London is still cruising at FL340 over Canada. Working theory is that the aircraft will continue on to Newark under emergency conditions.

3 months ago01/04/24

About The Aircraft…

N663UA, the aircraft operating this flight, is a 30.6 year old Boeing 767-300 aircraft that was delivered to the airline in August 1993, as per Planespotters.

Of the 767-300 variant, United Airlines has 37 of them, of which all but seven are in active service currently.

Average fleet age for the aircraft type at the airline stands at 28.1 years.

3 months ago01/04/24

Emergency Cause Still Unclear…

United Airlines 767 London to Newark Declares Emergency

It is still unclear what the reason for the emergency is onboard United Airlines flight UA921 between London and Newark.

Whatever the issue, it hasn’t prompted a rapid descent or a diversion to an alternate airfield.

As soon as we know more, we will update you. We will continue to provide live tracking updates of the aircraft.

3 months ago01/04/24

Everything Normal from The United Airlines Page…

United Airlines 767 London to Newark Declares Emergency

The flight status section of the United Airlines website still shows normal operations.

It is understood that UA921 will land into Newark around 37 minutes early, although this could increase with the emergency ongoing.

3 months ago01/04/24

Position Update

United Airlines flight UA921 from London is currently tracking towards the New Brunswick area at FL340.

At the moment, it still looks like the aircraft will continue on to Newark as filed, but again, no further information into the cause of the emergency.

3 months ago02/04/24

Position Update #2

UA921 is about to enter American airspace, and has commenced a climb up to FL360, potentially for better fuel burn to Newark.

3 months ago02/04/24

Unconfirmed Reports of Non-Compliant Passenger

Unconfirmed reports are coming in that the emergency is due to a noncompliant passenger onboard the aircraft.

3 months ago02/04/24

More Unconfirmed Reports…

@FlightEmergency on X reporting it is a Medical Emergency onboard UA921 between London and Newark.

Official confirmation still needed following reports of a noncompliant passenger.

3 months ago02/04/24

Descent Commenced…

United Airlines flight UA921 has commenced it’s descent into Newark, still squawking the 7700 general emergency code.

3 months ago02/04/24

More Information From Onboard UA921…

@FlightEmergency on X reports that the flight deck have asked for police and ambulance on arrival.

3 months ago02/04/24

Moments from Landing…

UA921 from London is moments away from landing into Newark, with what is suspected to be a disruptive passenger onboard if police are getting involved.

3 months ago02/04/24

On Final Approach…

The United Airlines Boeing 767 involved in the emergency appears to be on final approach into Newark, despite aircraft landing on the opposite end of the runway.

3 months ago02/04/24


UA921 from London Heathrow has appeared to have landed safely into EWR following it’s emergency broadcast at the Atlantic Crossing exit a few hours ago.

That concludes our coverage for tonight. As soon as we have more information, we will update in the hours ahead!

3 months ago02/04/24

Parked on a Remote Stand…

As an additional update, UA921 has parked on one of the Expanded Ramp Procedure stands. Could be police and ambulance meeting the aircraft on arrival in that area instead of on a jetway at the main terminal.

3 months ago02/04/24

Actual Cause: Threat Made to the Airplane…

AviationSource approached United Airlines for a comment regarding UA921 from last night.

It turns out it wasn’t a disruptive passenger, but actually a threat made to the airplane.

In the statement, UA said the following on this:

“United flight 921 from London to Newark landed safely in Newark on Monday after a non-credible threat was found written on a lavatory mirror.”

“Our pilots and law enforcement followed the regular procedure for this type of occurrence, which included having customers deplane a short distance from the terminal.”

“The aircraft will receive a security sweep and we’ll get our connecting customers to their destinations soon.”

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