Turkish Airlines Flight Warsaw-Istanbul Declares Emergency

Turkish Airlines Flight Warsaw-Istanbul Declares Emergency
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In the last few moments, a Turkish Airlines flight between Warsaw and Istanbul has declared an emergency over Romania.

TC-JVS is the aircraft in question operating this flight.

Live updates to follow shortly.

Live Emergency Update: Turkish Airlines TK1766 Warsaw-Istanbul…

Turkish Airlines Flight Warsaw-Istanbul Declares Emergency
Data provided by RadarBox.com.
1 month ago12/04/24


Welcome to the live coverage of this emergency. Keep refreshing for updates as they come in.

1 month ago12/04/24

Continuing on to Istanbul?

Turkish Airlines Flight Warsaw-Istanbul Declares Emergency

Turkish Airlines flight TK1766 from Warsaw is descending through FL180, with the assumption being that the aircraft will make an emergency landing in it’s destination of Istanbul.

1 month ago12/04/24

About TC-JVS: Aircraft Involved in Turkish Airlines Emergency…

TC-JVS, the aircraft operating this flight, is a 7.9 year old Boeing 737-800 that was delivered to Turkish Airlines in May 2016, as per Planespotters.

Of the 737-800 variant, TK has 40 of them in the fleet, of which all but one are in active service.

Furthermore, average fleet age for that particular aircraft type at the airline stands at 9.4 years.

1 month ago12/04/24

Bucharest Diversion?

Turkish Airlines Flight Warsaw-Istanbul Declares Emergency

TK1766 is passing through FL100 and looks to be close to Bucharest, another option for a diversion during this emergency.

1 month ago12/04/24

Bucharest Confirmed…

Turkish Airlines Flight Warsaw-Istanbul Declares Emergency

Turkish Airlines flight TK1766 from Warsaw, is confirmed to be making an emergency diversion into Bucharest, and for now, will not be continuing on to Istanbul.

1 month ago12/04/24

On Final Approach…

TK1766 is now on final approach for it’s emergency landing into Bucharest Otopeni Airport.

1 month ago12/04/24


As per @RadarBoxCom, TK1766 has appeared to have touched down safely into Bucharest following it’s 7700 emergency broadcast a few moments ago.

Information is still limited regarding the cause.

As soon as we have additional information, then we will update you accordingly.

1 month ago12/04/24

Met By Crews…

TK1766 has been met by a follow me car and ops vehicles on arrival into Bucharest, a standard procedure for these sorts of emergencies.

1 month ago12/04/24

Aircraft Being Escorted to Stand…

TK1766 is now being escorted by these ground vehicles in Bucharest to a gate. Still unclear what the nature of the emergency is.

1 month ago12/04/24

Look at ADS-B Data…

ADS-B data from RadarBox shows that the highest descent rate the aircraft had was around 3,000 feet per minute. Nothing to indicate technical at this stage, but nothing can be ruled out.

1 month ago12/04/24

Parked on a Taxiway?

TK1766 appears to have come to a stop on a taxiway that is near the entry point for Runway 08L.

Furthermore, the aircraft has not been given a passenger stand. More to follow with this.

1 month ago12/04/24

Dozens of Ops Vehicles Surrounding the Aircraft…

Flight tracking shows that there are a significant number of ops vehicles surrounding the aircraft and closing off a taxiway adjacent to where the aircraft has parked up.

1 month ago12/04/24

Transponder Turned Off…

The crew on TK1766 have turned off the transponder in Bucharest.

This concludes coverage for now, but as soon as we hear anymore information pertinent to this, we will let you know in due course.

1 month ago12/04/24

Unconfirmed Reports: Bomb Threat

Unconfirmed reports coming in that there is a bomb threat on the plane.

1 month ago12/04/24

Departures & Arrivals Still Flowing out of Bucharest…

Departures and arrivals still seem to be flowing out of Bucharest.

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