Turkish Airlines Flight Istanbul-Amsterdam Declares Emergency

Turkish Airlines Flight Istanbul-Amsterdam Declares Emergency
Photo Credit: Sebastian Thiel via JetPhotos.com.

In the last few moments, a Turkish Airlines flight originally bound for Amsterdam has landed back in Istanbul following an emergency declaration.

Turkish Airlines Flight Istanbul-Amsterdam Declares Emergency…

Turkish Airlines Flight Istanbul-Amsterdam Declares Emergency
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Turkish Airlines flight TK7768 is a routine scheduled flight between Istanbul and Amsterdam, with the affected rotation being operated by YL-LDS.

As per data from Planespotters.net, YL-LDS is a 11.9 year old Airbus A321-231 that started out life with Gulf Air back in March 2012.

It remained with the carrier for just over 10 years before being handed over to SmartLynx in August 2022.

Then, in February 2023, YL-LDS was handed over to Anadolujet, a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines via a leasing agreement with the ACMI provider.

TK7768 departed Istanbul at 1159 local time this morning and proceeded initially to Amsterdam Schiphol.

However, minutes after departure, the aircraft experienced a problem onboard serious enough to declare an emergency.

The crew onboard Turkish Airlines flight TK7768 then proceeded to execute a series of holds to burn fuel off before making an approach back into Istanbul.

At this stage, it is unclear what the nature of the emergency is, but can be conveyed as serious enough if it has happened a few minutes after departure.

Therefore, this remains a developing story. As soon as we find out the nature of the emergency, then we will update this article accordingly.

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